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  1. Veterans Players Choosing to Wear visors/ Younger Players Going Withou

    I think players should still have the option to wear or not wear one. I don't wear a cage or a shield but I don't play for a living. I think as a professional and my livelihood was dependent upon my vision I'd probably wear a visor. I hated wearing a cage, I go more cuts to my chin from the cage hitting it that taking sticks or pucks to the face afterwards. I do think that since helmets became mandatory (rightfully so I might add) that the sticks came up higher, visors added to more high sticks as well.
  2. NHL Press Confrence Tomorrow at 3

    lol, wait a minute did Mario and Sidney break up?
  3. Thoughts on Ericsson?

    That they did Zetts. Not blaming E for the loss but keep in mind people are judging him on 6 games this season, playing more physical and better so it goes both ways and after all this an Ericsson thread In all honesty do we really need another season to know what Ericsson will do? he's 27 going on 28 so he has little upward potential. An increase in pay isnt going to make him jump from a 5-6 to a top 4. I also think we overpaid but he's fine as a solid 5-6 slot as far as I'm concerned. He just doesn't read quick enough to make it in the top 4 in my opinion.
  4. Thoughts on Ericsson?

    don't care about the weight, he doesn't use his size and weight to his advantage. I do know for a fact he was a -3 last night
  5. Brunnstrom

    I was unimpressed last night. His timing was way off and obviously not up to NHL game speed.
  6. How much of a steal was James Neal for Pitt?

    James Neal is he "real deal" I was sad to see him traded and especially to Pittsburgh. The guy can put the puck in the net, has good size and is physical and not afraid to drop mitts. I'm a Wings and watch all of their games on CI bit since I live in the Dallas Area I watch the Stars and JN was fun to is Jamie Benn
  7. Thoughts on Ericsson?

    I liked Ericsson when he came in for the playoffs. Since then he shows intermittent signs of playing to that level. I also thought we overpaid for him on his new contract. I think there may have been a KH panic with Raffy retiring abruptly. E has some traits of a top 4 but his weakness is his hockey IQ. He just isnt a very smart player. He makes the same mistakes over and over, gets caught watching the play and not the open man. He is fairly weak along the wall as doesnt make player pay the price for standing in front of Howard getting 2-3 whacks at loose pucks. Expectations rise along with pay and if Big E doesn't meet those expectations then he can become trade bait. I think so far only 4 games in he's playing pretty good. Having said that his role hasn't increased any nor has he taken on any added responsibilities. Kindl to me has been better. WHen Nick Lidstrom retires after this season we have some decisions to make and I's rather give Kronner a good raise, retain Stuart and package E with some other players to land a big franchise UFA like Weber. I was hping Brendan Smith would show more than he did at camp but maybe a year in GR will help he along and he can make the squad next season. We'll have Kronner, White, Stuart, Kindl, Commodore Ericsson and a UFA and Smith in the waiting in the wings. A Hudler, Ericsson and TBD players could be used as trade bait. You can't fill Nicks shoes with what we have now and on the farm so we'll need to go the FA route for that in my opinion.