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  1. Red Wings in San Jose

    Great place to start! (Probably with one of those martinis, at least!) I heard that Kezar Pub in SF might be another viewing spot. Go Wings!
  2. Red Wings in San Jose

    Does anyone know where they're staying and which arena they're using for practice? I'm also looking for a sports bar in San Francisco where Detroit fans are going to watch the games. Every place has too many Sharks fans or baseball is on. Thanks
  3. 3/26 GDT: Maple Leafs 2 at Red Wings 4

    Looks like a dislocated left shoulder for Howard. We'll see what they say.
  4. Found this pic online

    From the GQ photoshoot.
  5. Playoffs on TV in Europe?

    That's better than here in San Francisco. We were forced to watch Versus. And then I have to go to work and get grief from the Sharks fans! Does anyone know if you can stream from on an iPhone?
  6. Playoffs on TV in Europe?

    This looks promising.
  7. Playoffs on TV in Europe?

    All good suggestions. Where are the Swedes on the Forum? Don't you take vacation in Spain? Or has it been overrun with Brits??
  8. Playoffs on TV in Europe?

    I am going to be in Spain (Barcelona) and Southern France (near Nice and Monaco) in a couple weeks. Does anyone know if the playoffs are televised in Europe? What satellite/what stations? I'm only going to have an iPhone, so streaming web feeds won't be practical. Alternatively, a bar in Barcelona or Nice/Monaco with international sports?? (hopefully the boys will still be playing )
  9. 11/27 GDT: Flames 3 at Red Wings 0

    Thanks. It was listed as High School Football...
  10. 11/27 GDT: Flames 3 at Red Wings 0

    Where is the darn game??? I can't find it on Comcast here in Detroit.
  11. Game Day at San Jose

    I thought they stay at the Fairmont. Any idea of a bar they might go to? Tamara
  12. Game Day at San Jose

    I'm in the San Jose area and would like to find out what the game day plan is for the Wings. I would like to watch practice (is that even possible?) and maybe hang out where I could get some photos or autographs. Any ideas? Thanks!
  13. Joe Louis is a dump

    I go to the Shark Tank as much as I can. I see the Wings at the Joe once or twice a year. NO COMPARISON. The Joe is THE PLACE. If you aren't a fan, then, sure, the Shark Tank beats the Joe, hands down. Better food, great beer, even great wine. No wait for the clean bathrooms. BUT if you want to watch hockey, go to the Joe. (I even love the rubber flaps to enter the rink, even if people knock your beer going through.)
  14. OFFICIAL: Forsberg traded to Predators

    What about Ryan Smyth? Is there any chance we could get him for an acceptable price?