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  1. Here are the lines they plan on using at the start of the game, at least: Zetterberg-Datsyuk-Cleary Filppula-Franzen-Hudler Bertuzzi-Helm-Eaves Miller-Abdelkader-Holmstrom Emmerton and Brunnstrom will be scratched. No changes on defense: Lidstrom-White Kronwall-Stuart Ericsson-Kindl
  2. impotent haha
  3. He had his baby last Sunday. He should of been there last night.
  4. Pumped for the game tonight!

  5. Funny s*** Casey! Yeah, I feel you on that last part for sure. That burns pretty bad. We should pool our bridge card money and prepare a meal outrageously high in fat. So high that we immediately pass out afterwards, providing us with those precious moments of unconsciousness where we don't have to think about or deal with our short-comings. Ha. No..but we really should make taco's or somethin and watch the game tomorrow...
  6. Congrats Jimmy!
  7. I'm pretty much obsessed with this site already.

  8. ha!
  9. Stoner
  10. No big story or anything, and I wasn't real good friends with him but we did talk from time to time. I went to high school with him in Norton Shores. It's just that most of the other players on the high school team were cocky and rude while he was a genuinely nice kid. So he always kind of stuck out to me and I'm glad that people like him are representing our team. Plus I was just trying to familiarize myself with this forum being that it's my first time posting on this or any other site. And thanks uncle danny for the warm welcome!
  11. bigbear150otd
  12. Does anyone else know one of the players personally?