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  1. #terranova you had so much potential that you've killed more and more with every passing episode. Guess I'm waiting for alcatraz now.

  2. First real shoot of my career today! Exciting stuff!

  3. Finally starting to learn some ruby on rails. Been meaning to do it forever! Excited to get building, but gotta learn the fundamentals 1st

  4. Apparently CBS still hasn't learned that making your content easily available (even behind a pay wall) is a good thing. #pirating

  5. Gotta stop looking at motogp pics. #missingmybike

  6. Some really awesome stuff here. “@aaronkoblin: Just launched: http://t.co/eUSSlcfX some of the tools we've been working on.”

  7. I never bought in to all of the AT&T hate until I moved to Chicago. #23monthsandcounting

  8. How to make it in America is starting to deliver. Finally turning into the show we all knew it could be!

  9. Anyone else seeing a crazy high percentage of dropped calls with the iphone 4S?

  10. According to @klout, @travisjohnbye is influential about 3 things: Pokemon, Pizza, and Religion... Yep that pretty much sums him up.