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  1. FWIW - http://espn.go.com/blog/nhl/post/_/id/39892/rumblings-dylan-larkin-staying-on-red-wings-roster?ex_cid=espnapi_public
  2. Throw Howard in there? I dunno, just spit balling... I really don't want to lose Jimmy at this point.
  3. I really don't think Mantha is cut out to be a center...
  4. I'm glad you're a professional scout/gm/coach and know exactly what every players talent ceiling is. There's just as good a chance this team can be better with a new coach as there is a chance they will be worse.
  5. Vote every 5 seconds. So if you're bored...........
  6. Don't know how legit this is.... http://www.reddit.com/r/DetroitRedWings/comments/305u07/per_red_berenson_red_wings_have_invited_c_dylan/
  7. If Glenny can develop some hands (please, please please!!!!!!) I think he could be a solid choice for a letter.
  8. Green isn't worth any of those four with his injury history in recent years. I'll be curious what offers are rumored in the couple months.
  9. If MDZ's ceiling is as high as Smith's I wouldn't be opposed. Pair him with DK and put Q on the 3rd with E. Q and E would be a nasty 3rd pair.
  10. Actually we beat Boston in the regular season series, when healthy...soooooo..... While we may not be a great team, we were MUCH better when healthy.
  11. I would want Yandle or Boychuk at this point. So I'm pretty much a sad panda....
  12. I don't feel he's reliable enough with his health. Skill-wise I have no complaints of his play this year, but Mrazek has been fantastic in both skill and health all season. I wouldn't complain if we brought him back cheap like you say, because we will still have Mrazek waiting in the wings to call up when he strains his groin again...
  13. I agree with newfy. Let DD play with Big Rig and put Quincy down with one of the other two. I think Smith gains confidence playing with a guy like Kronner, or maybe he just isn't worried about his partner screwing things up.
  14. I think Franzen has been pretty good for most of the year. He's been hitting and shooting and playing a good game. He has an A now for a reason. I think he's stepped up well. If he played like this with Z and Pav, it would be amazing to see.