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  1. So I guess I can't be excited for the off-season?!?! We'll have a lot of cap space and hopefully sign some talent. I'm not a fair weather fan either. I've been watching this team since 1995 when I first figured out what hockey was. It is my favorite sport to watch, no matter who is playing. I watch NHL games every night and it's fair to say, this year's Detroit Red Wings team is in trouble for the playoffs. When is the last time you've seen the powerplay ranked so low? When is the last time you've seen our penalty kill ranked so low? NEVER! The last two times Detroit has won the cup, they also won the President's Trophy. How close did we come this year to winning the President's Trophy?!?! Every game we win is by a single goal, except for the rare games against Columbus. This is not your typical Red Wings team. Management has been a little soft lately and won't man up and cut players that don't deserve to be wearing the Winged Wheel. We have become a harbor for players to s*** players to live out their dwindling NHL career. That is why I am excited for the off-season, so we can hopefully cut ties with some of our baggage and sign some talent.
  2. This team is toast, I've never been so excited for the off-season. Absolutely noooo identity.
  3. I agree, that's why most Av fans were happy to get rid of him.
  4. Haha I like it.
  5. who's s***box?
  6. BS. They're all over optimistic. Everyone seems to be wearing blinders when it comes to the wings. They fail to hold anyone accountable and realize that this team is in trouble bc "it's the wings, the best franchise in the game." Everyone is too nice and don't want to hurt anybody's feelings.
  7. Can anybody recall the last time the wings scored an empty net goal?!?! We never score when we pull our goalie either.
  8. Still think it's injuries plaguing the wings??? I don't think so.
  9. i want to take a s*** in radulov's mouth
  10. The only identity this team has is a harbor for washed up s*** players.
  11. FUUUUUUUCK DAN CLEARY! That useless piece of s***! Great turnover you dumb f***!
  12. WHAT THE f*** WAS CLEARY DOING ON THE ICE IN OT?!?! This team is done for. Babcock is a f***tard.
  13. Dan Clearly has to go... I'm sorry but everyone is skating laps around him. He just doesn't have it anymore, healthy knee or not.
  14. Let's go boys! Big first period. Leave the Garden with a W. Time to wright the ship and get this team going again.
  15. There's no point in tanking to get a better pick mostly bc... well we dont have one!