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  1. Make this team better

    I know alot of red wings fans have a hard on for howie, im not saying get rid of him at all. Im saying get rid of Ty conklin. Watch jimmy howard's rebound control
  2. Make this team better

    Strongly disagree, Detroit out shoots 90% of opponents, Yet they lose cause. You can almost guarantee hes gonna let in a bad goal a game
  3. Make this team better

    Dont think if i was Bertuzzi id be asking u guys for ideas to help the team id just tell Mike Babcock
  4. Make this team better

    My personal opion is to bring in Marty Turco get rid of Ty conklin, Have Jimmy howard to work harder at being a better goalie. when is the last time a detroit goalie stole a game for them, I also dont like juri Hudler to much gives the puck away way to much and is really soft on defense. Get well soon Bert