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  1. czappia19

  2. 9/19 Pre-Season GDT : Red Wings 8 at Bruins 2

    Anyone have a link ?
  3. Captain Z

    Hey Boys. I dont post ever, if at all... I worked late last night and turned off all modes of communication from the outside world and watched the game when i got home. Seems like Z pushed it a little more on that Hammy and it was nice to see him contribute offensively in the goal department. did anyone see him set up Tootoo in the slot and he shot it right back into the Goaltender ? Have a good day ! Christopher
  4. Benoit Pouliot training in park with Adrenaline Performance Center: via @youtubeHuds at the end is funny

  5. Sources: Prince Fielder headed to Tigers in reported 9-year-deal. Developing at

  6. So did anyone not see Lee Evans get possession in end zone and held ball like it was a newborn #itstheflippinplayoffs

  7. Check out this video: like the old days ? ?

  8. Zetterburg sick shootout goal: via @youtubeAmazing !!!!

  9. Anyone notice Zetterberg pass up huge scoring chance to pass to Huds at 10 minute mark of 1st. SHOOT Z SHOOT. #disappointed