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  1. GDT

    Any links to this game? Thank you.
  2. Well he did want to play with Wings and I believe its his only chance but I'd be happy with your suggestion on Howie for buff. That's what we need.
  3. I thought miller was a FA this summer. I hardly look at contracts sorry but does he still have another year or is he a FA?
  4. Wings should buy out or trade Howie but doubt anyone wants him at his price. Miller hasn't been the elite goalie he used to be but playing back home with his brother might be a good idea, I remember hearing a few years back that Ryan would like to play for the Wings during his career. I think its good timing. I don't know anything about if Howie is buyout eligible but what do you guys think. I've been thinking about this for a long time. Mrazek is coming to form soon so there's really nothing to lose,but gaining that elite goalie we've never had since the dominator. That's only if, I think Ryan would get back to form if he joins the wings....... Sorry if there's already something on this. Just giving my 2 cents in. LGW "2015"
  5. I've contacted the seller, they said they can add the gold "1960 1980" on the USA sleeve.So pretty sure the C isn't an issue. You get what you pay for so ya no stitching.
  6. Best place is Detroit athletic on Michigan ave, right next the old tigers stadium. They do it while you wait and very cheap. I know you said you wanted close, but just giving options.
  7. I know it's not authentic but from the eBay reviews it seems like its worth the price.
  8. Eklund is a piece of s*** but apparently the wings are preparing "the offer to beat" ya I know we're not supposed to cite these jokers but, eh
  9. semin is lazy but should get him temporarily...... and the defense I seriously don't know where to start.
  10. my wife tells me i have pms LOL......... until we get someone that we actually really need. Than I have no choice but to be pissed.
  11. Holland should be focusing on Ryan. Parise is playing games and if he signs somewhere else Ryan and Nash's value goes sky rocket. Ryan is a great player that the wings havent even shown interest in, unless I don't know about it.
  12. Same here
  13. Yes like this. But the only 1s I see are size 12.
  14. yea no problem. I hope someone here knows a site. cus i didnt expect it to be this hard.