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  1. Is Buffalo decent at all, or are we still skating well? I'm out of the viewing area.
  2. So I take it this won't be on FSD? s***. I don't get VS.
  3. I was really happy that he showed no fear hitting a bigger guy. Short doesn't mean weak.
  4. Yes, this made dealing with extended family driving me crazy for two days worthwhile. Thank god for beer and hockey in my man cave.
  5. That was a hell of a hockey game. Felt like a playoff. I had a blast watching that. I mean, besides the turnovers. Ugh. That needs work.
  6. Send Z back down. He needs to learn his essentials. That's two today
  7. Yeah, it wasn't for lack of effort. They kept it in the zone and had quite a few shots on goal.
  8. So far I am impressed with the hustle. And Pav is skating well. It would have been nice if Flip would have put less on that shot. He had over half the net. Let's hope they have a strong third, Boston is going to come out physical.