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  1. Current point system is BADLY flawed

    As people have already stated, the current system of 2 total points being awarded in some games (regulation) and 3 total points being awarded (OT or Shootout) completely throws the balance of the standings off. There should be a predetermined amount of points up for grabs for all games, not 2 for some and 3 for others. And on that note, I say get rid of the point system all together. The only reason NHL has a 'points' system is that historically, there had always been the possibility of a tie and those ties needed some value associated with them for the standings to 'make sense.' Now that a tie is no longer possible, why do we even have "points"? A Win should be a Win, and a Loss should be a Loss, regardless of how the game was decided. At the end of the season, just go by winning percentage to decide the standings, just like MLB. I also don't agree with the shootout. Is a baseball game decided by a homerun derby? No, that would be equally ridiculous. I have been a proponent of 20 minute periods until a goal is scored (as is done in the playoffs). The fact that the rules/structure of the game is completely different in the playoffs than it is in the regular season has always seemed silly to me. I think that's a topic for a different thread though as I think this is supposed to purely be about point allotment.
  2. Greetings everybody. I've posted this question on the Red Wings section of the HFBoards forums, but I'm posting it here as well since this board appears to be more active. I am a life long Wings fan from Windsor, but as a Spitfires STH, I don't have the time to attend a lot of Wings games but I do make it to a few each year. I normally take the tunnel bus from Windsor to each game, and I can't help but notice how many Transit Windsor buses there are full of people packed in like sardines attending Red Wings games. This has me wondering, of the 20,000 fans who typically fill Joe Louis, how many (per game) typically are coming from across the border? I can't find any statistics on this anywhere, but does anybody have any rough ideas or guesses even? My completely uneducated guess would be that 1000-2000 fans (5-10% of the arena) come from across the border. Does this sound even close to right? A couple people on HFBoards have told me that this estimate is actually on the low side, especially when the Leafs or Habs are in town. Thoughts?