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  1. Detroit Tigers Hotels

    Detroit Tigers Hotels I thought I would share this link in case any of you will be following the Tigers on the road this season. Listed are the hotels the team will be staying in when they visit other American League cities. Great way to meet the players and avoid spring training and the batting practice mess.
  2. Red Wings Autograph Signing Saturday March 31

    Depends on the player and who is conducting the session. Sometimes they are free sessions but will only allow one autograph per person.
  3. Vintage Red Wings Brawl

    Anyone remember this? The Avalanche had a squad back then with Forsberg and Roy. Saw a brawl like this in a minor league game but never in an NHL game (in person).
  4. Mike Milbury charged with assault

    If you put your hands on someone else's kids, I can't imagine what that person must be doing to their own kid or wife.