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  2. I think it's "Boooooooo"
  3. Yeaahhh can't argue with that, but their qualities are on the other side of the ice though. Awww crap, just noticed i still have Giroux benched on my fantasy team. That's a pain.
  4. As a Swede I am patriotically obliged to like and enjoy watching the Sedin Twins, which I seem to be pretty much alone in on these boards. But it's 4 am over here now and i wanna see some ass-kicking from OUR Swedes. Bring it!
  5. Wait, what? That doesn't make much sense.
  6. A close, but sweet win!
  7. Oh what stupid penalty! We HAVE to kill this!
  8. YEAH!!! What a relief.. It's Miller time!
  9. Good sequence controlling the play. Need some good shots on goal here.
  10. Yea, at first i thought it was something like "Don't forget to study, buddy". But i quickly decided that didn't make much sense at all. PP coming up. Stick in Dats' face.
  11. Ah, I would've guessed it was stairs or steps.. but with that accent, it's almost impossible to tell!
  12. Speaking of Hudler's acting, I've never been able to figure out what he's telling Franzen in that commercial: "Don't forget the ...(?)..." Anyone?
  13. Sometimes it's hard to be me. EDIT: Oh what the hell's up with these late goals. Ridiculous..
  14. I sure hope not! (relevant username)
  15. Well, congrats Jiri then! =)