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  1. Zetterberg Trade Rumor

    Give this to your friend for me.
  2. Winter Classic 2013

    I think it will be in Detroit in 2013. TigerFest was canceled due to renovations to Comerica Park. Supposedly they are putting in a large HD video board. The NHL might like stadiums with big HD video boards so fans can see replays of goals (something the games in Chicago and Boston lacked). With the addition of video boards at the big house maybe Ilitch is trying to entice the NHL to keep the game at his house so he doesn't have too share revenue. It would be awesome to see 100,000 fans clad in red & white but it would be better for everyone to keep the game in downtown Detroit. As far as teams they would play im not sitting to hard on the Minnesota Wild because it could be there next year round. What it all comes down to is if the Avalanche make the playoffs this year.