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  1. As horrendous as sheahan has been this year i don't expect his goal production to be this bad again , probably bounce back to 10-15 that being said depending who we leave unprotected , the fact he's a first rounder and still only 24 means there's a chance he could get claimed so if he we can get a 1st(which I doubt) then I guess we gotta do it
  2. So basically we lose ouellet on waivers ... Just f***en greattt and why handcuff us with another garbage contract , for the love of God holland needs to get f***en lost
  3. Red wings are trying to resign smith(God knows why) leafs want Sheehan lol
  4. He's practicing with hossa and kruger, wouldn't surprise me to him with toews at one point or maybe a toews hossa jurco line Down the road as toews and Hossa have played together before and not sold on panik schmaltz longterm wasn't eaves on the redwings 4th line as well?cant expect to score in that situation .... Pens should go get Drew Miller and put him with Crosby and just enjoy the goals lol
  5. Won't happen, but hypothetically out of curiousity we call up teams and let it be known zetterberg can be had , what do we get ? id like to think teams would pay a big price to land him, older but having a good year , experienced cup winne, great 2 way center ... What do we fetch ? A first and a top prospect plus 2 other pieces ? we eat salary/take contract back and get a first from the ducks ,Jacob Larson and Brandon montour? Gotta think getzlaf zetterberg kesler as the 3 centers significantly boosts the ducks chances at getting to the finals and possibly winning again , this is just for fun.... THat being said Ken holland really has to call and push the ducks,flyers,hurricanes into trading some young dmen since they are all stacked with some good ones
  6. Seriously doubt the Hawks dealt a 3rd for expansion draft requirements
  7. 1 - don't know why your telling me how many games jarnkrok played year one sheahan had 30 more games so I don't count that, second season sheahan had more pts , last year jarnkrok and this year , so I see it as. 2-1 jarnkrock or 2-1-1 2- that's fine you don't have to take my comments seriously , im pretty sure I'm not the only one who'd rather have jarnkrok and janmark back instead of what we got for them
  8. We have 2 3rd rounders with the jurco move no? Damn whyd you have to show that chart , really wanted koivula and he's doing good , oh well lol
  9. Great , I hoped the sadowy trade was paid off but I read were sending a 3rd this year , so much for having 3 3rd rounders and possibly 4 depending what happens with smith oh well
  10. 12 games jarnkrok 42 sheahan .... I'd say 30 more games is a big difference , and his 15 pt lead he had more would be a lot smaller if not gone , but hey would do I know lets keep it back on topic , you think jurco is a waste of life , I think he has untapped potential and can turn things around, we'll see soon enough That being said getting a 3rd for a guy we tried forcing into a grinder and wasn't playing is more than I expected .... So good on KH , one of his rare good moves
  11. Nice lmao jarnkrok had more pts last season and a better +\- and he played a handful of games his first season compared to sheahan, but hey whatever helps you sleep at night
  12. its not hindsight my friend . I always say we're gonna regret trading every prospect remember jarnkrok 12 Goals same as Larkin and one more than that great holland signing (nielsen)
  13. Ya cause we wouldn't take jarnkrok over no goals sheahan at the moment (who's been playing really well ) and janmark .... Are they stars? nope ... wed be better with them though
  14. 3 3rd rounders ? Hope to god were still not paying for that sadowy trade
  15. When did I say he was overrated and not as good as people say he is?