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  1. Highly doubt either Anderson or kylington will be ready next season , and I can't see the flames having interest in green when they already have some offensive dmen, oilers just make sense with sekera gone also getting rid of bertuzzi would be a mistake , just seems to always step up in the playoffs also so seen some mentions of dallas's 3rd pick , don't think it makes sense to get rid of a 25-30 goal guy to move up 6 spots , not that big of a gap , if anything tatar/nyquist "should" fetch us a 1st i blame blashill for them and other players having career down seasons , can't be a coincidence, Tatar/nyquist have the talent and skill , insert either in the right situation on a top team and they'd get 30 , so we shouldn't just give them away
  2. So what are some trades that might be doable to land an extra 1st rounder or 2? was thinking with sekera out longterm mike green + another asset for oilers 1st? Think he'd fit in well with mcdavid draisaitl on those ppl's babcock wanted sheahan and I still believe there's upside ... Maybe sheahan and a 2nd for leafs 1st? anyways I realize if we make a move it'll be to trade back and land an extra pick , just curious what some of you think would be trades we can pull off to move up
  3. Weren't you saying before how younger players are unproven ? We all hope svechnikov will be great and I believe so but the jets won't give a f*** he's playing good in the playoffs, lots of past players did the same and were busts you proved my point with those trade suggestions schultz was a bust before he went to Pittsburgh Jones for johansen was a #1 d for #1 c basically which we have none to offer for troub a larsson is similar to trouba and larsson fetched one of the top wingers in the game, you think we'd land trouba for svechnikov , without the 9th and other assets? Come on pretty sure bouwmeester was a ufa to be and on a decline svechnikov ouellett and a 2nd gets it done?i wish I could hear that phone call oh and enstrom waives his clause to help his team cause there's no chance he gets claimed , just like bieksa will, Vegas will want cheaper options with upside, not a 4-5 mill enstrom with declining numbers
  4. You seriously believe that ? How many times you see big trades occur where teams flip firsts? You always see a top asset along with a first and 2 other components realistically it's svechnikov and the 9th, sheahan and ouellet type deal they'd want .... And they can always convince enstrom to waive his no trade as there's zero chance he'd get claimed and they'd deal Myers before trouba Jets aren't in trouble as you seem to believe they are
  5. Wouldn't trade svechnikov for trouba as much as I'm a fan of trouba because I think he's coming here in 2-3 yrs when he's a ufa and we ain't winning squat so why trade svechnikov ,when if we're patient we'll have both if trouba said trade for me now or when Im a ufa you can kiss my ass, than maybe depending the deal , let's not kid ourselves it won't just be svechnikov they'd be asking for , 9th pick as well that can be a really good player+ other assets just saying be smart and keep these good assets and just wait till the kid who's been vocal about wanting to come home,comes home it's the right play IMO Think he also meant to just wait till he's a ufa
  6. I'm also more for trading tatar and/or nyquist for defensive help .. theres a good chance when they'll be up for free agency we'll lose them for nothing or not much when larkin AA mantha svechnikov bertuzzi will be ready to take over that's when zetteberg will be going and hopefull the nielsen contract ending and that's when I'm sure we'll bring trouba home in the meantime overload on d draft picks and go for a few young d prospects off some teams and hope we pull a erat for forsberg type robbery
  7. Its been reported numerous times that trouba wanted to come back home , we help build this team and make him wanted when he's a ufa and he will come You assume svechnikov is a 2nd line winger , nobody knows yet if he can be a top line guy or not but he's got the talent List means nothing , every player on every team at one point fans will say to trade or not trade a guy ....I'm sure if this site was around back in the day some fans would of been for trading Stevie y for yashin, every player is available for the right price anyways , like I previously said though I think since we're going nowhere the smart move is to sign trouba as a ufa and keep those 4 players mentioned ,anyways just my opinion A smart person would acknowledge this team needs to get younger and keep svechnikov AA Larkin mantha an use a tatar/nyquist instead for such a trade like I said outside of svechnikov we have no high end prospects coming up that can play top 6
  8. You can say anyone is who's not a top 3 pick is likely to score 20-25 goals 50-55pts, especially the way the game Is played now a guy getting 30 goals a yr is valuable and svechnikov is very capable of it yes every prospect isn't a hit but you better be damn sure you know what your doing before you pull the trigger ... Go ask Washington if they'd give up forsberg for erat again if they could we don't have anyone with svechnikov's size and skill coming in the pipeline , again I just dont think we're gonna do any damage with or without trouba for a few years so I'm willing to wait to add him as a ufa along with svechnikov etc.. that'll only make us a stronger team when the time comes
  9. So he'll sign a 2 yr deal and then walk .... Jets cant force him to sign longterm
  10. Ugh ...no svechnikov shouldnt be touched, trouba price would likely be really high and were not winning the cup in 3 yrs , wait till trouba signs with us as a ufa and keep mantha svechnikov Larkin AA as top 6 building blocks in the meantime we got to draft great this year and hope kids like cholowski and hronek turn out to be players and we should try and get a brodin type guy , someone who might be lost due to expansion , and also target teams like the ducks,flyers,canes with tons of good young d ducks - montour ,Theodore,carlsson(I'd pass on vatanen) flyers - maybe with the kids coming and gostisbere really struggling last year we can have him at a reasonable price , he'd be our ppl specialist point is we should target a few d prospects off some teams
  11. Shattenkirk is overrated and will be over paid , no thanks .. Besides from articles from the past few months it's known he wants to go to New York or Boston as for trouba I'd love for him to be a redwing but since adding trouba won't help lead us to a cup the next few years I'd much rather play the smart and patient game and wait 3 years for him to come home for free and not pay the high price adding trouba when mantha AA and Larkin will have 3-4 yrs experience will make us even better wont happen but trading green for a first and adding 2 defensemen in the first round will only help, we can even trade a 3rd + for dehaan to help offset the green loss
  12. Well sekera is gone now for edmonton 6-9 months if holland was smart he'd try and fetch us their 1st rounder in a deal , we're not gonna win or lose with green and he's gonna walk at seasons end, might as well get a 1st and play Jensen,ouellet,sproul on the flip side green on a ppl with mcdavid draisaitl etc... Would look good, think if we called Edmonton now with sekera out they'd be interested (probably would have to protect green first until after the expansion draft is over, don't know oilers defense situation for the draft)
  13. Yup sadly I think he'd refuse to make a move for green but if we can land a first he should green would play with the team the full season instead of just a trade deadline move + it's considered a weaker draft year , I'd trade the 2nd and green for a first but we'd also like need a 3rd whether it be this year or next coming back green and a 2nd for a first seems not as big a return as we should get ,smith on his own got a 2nd and 3rd and green on a right team can land 30-45 pts, I hate the pens but if he was there he'd get 40-50 ....id want to move close to 20 though to hopefully land branstromm He's only got one year left ...if he was moved now instead of the deadline the team would have him for a full season so you'd think we'd get a bigger return now anyways sadly as mentioned since this is holland the option of even trading green has probably never even crossed his mind
  14. I saw some earlier comments praising nill for the bishop contract ....this had nothing to do with him being a great gm , bishop basically had no leverage , it's either Dallas Calgary jets or maybe flyers? Dallas also has lower taxes, American market .. Done deal Howard I do believe can be traded this year , he has 2 years left , if he was a ufa there's no way he'd get signed to a one year deal , maybe we'd have to eat a million off his cap number but it can be done
  15. Any chance we consider moving mike green for an additional 2017 1st rounder? Knowing its ken holland it's pretty not much zero chance but as much as need To put a competitive team on the ice he's locked up one more year and then he most likely walks I'd LOVE to draft Erik brannstrom with that extra pick , if we can land him in the first with a valimaki or another dman in the first , I'd say we did good , and sit back and hope for the best with these young dmen if green is gone we can also protect both ouellet and Jensen