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  1. Might be naive but I'm still holding out hope for holmstrom , at the very least hoping he becomes a good 3rd liner who steps up his game in the playoffs when it counts ... He's got 3 goals and 2 assists in the playoffs already after breaking the sedins record last year looking forward to seeing him in Grand Rapids
  2. I was looking at teams rosters to see what Vegas might look like after trades etc... was thinking is there any way holland trades ones of our 3rd rounders to protect 2-3 guys from vegas? (Is that even allowed?) with all the talk of teams after sheahan and us not moving him , if we don't trade him he has to be protected right? Possibly leaving helm abdelkader, 2 of Jensen ouellet sproul available .... I'd like to think we'd protect both ouellet and sproul somehow .... Maybe even a 7th for Jensen/sproul? Since 7ths barely make it anyways
  3. If we can't get that dman for nyquist/Tatar it would be beyond idiotic to trade one for a pick or leave them exposed , chances are they'll rebound back to 25-30 goals i blame it on Blashill , sheahan scoring nothing , abdelkader as bad as his contract is shouldn't be this bad blame it on Jeff
  4. Coreau has earned the backup spot?how the f*** do you figure? If Howard or mrazek was gone he'd be the backup by default , kids played 12 games and hasn't earned s***
  5. Doesn't help that he has a cheveldae behind the bench and a cheveldae defense hes been real good last 4-5 weeks still young for a goalie ... Have faith man
  6. I don't know why people keep saying rebuild , to me a rebuild is what the leafs were a few years ago no emerging young talent in the organization at all we have larkin mantha athanasiou , sheahan is still young enough to be a good 3rd line guy, we have a stud goalie in mrazek svechnikov ,bertuzzi coming, hopefully a russo Hronek etc... emerges , God knows we've never drafted someone outside of yzerman that was suppose to be a star(fedorov,lidstrom,datsyuk,zetterberg etc) main problems on this team are the obvious need for help on the back end ,hideous contracts our stupid gm handcuffed us with, and the need for a new coach I think it's very possible we can be in the playoffs next season
  7. I'm using my brain and common sense , your telling me holland calls Chicago,San Jose, at 230 offer to pay half vaneks salary for a 3rd and we get no takers? give me a f***en break
  8. It's quite clear ken holland hasn't figured out s*** , need to retire
  9. Your seriously going say we couldn't of landed a 3rd for 50% salary retained and a garbage prospect 2 hours from now? Only reason we got a good return for smith Is because he kept telling the rangers he wanted to resign smith and just lucked his way into that deal
  10. Hasn't played period 43 games for a soon to be 25 yr old who cleared waivers twice just a garbage trade
  11. Why the hell was holland in such a rush to make this garbage deal? Couldn't of waited till vrbata was gone? i can't take ken holland anymore , he needs to f***en get lost
  12. Zero interest in taking brown and judging by the trades we should be able to get a 1st and 2 2nds for vanek and smith or a 1st,2nd,3rd we take brown we'd better get a lot more than a first
  13. Vanek and smith are starting to look like the best options for most teams now ....I swear to god if holland doesn't trade them now and brings back smith
  14. love that hanzal deal that makes vanek a top piece and should get us a nice return
  15. Looked at teams draft selections coming and just for fun to see how far off I'll be (montour and some others are obviously wishful thinking but one can hope) Brendan smith nyr/Pitt for 3rd and conditional pick (both have no 2nds left) Florida for a 2nd edm for a 3rd and 5th Mtl for a 2nd 2018(got 3 picks) leafs for a 2nd vanek chi for 2nd,3rd 2018 and Lucas carlsson vanek to ducks for montour vanek and Steve ott to ott for 1st and Christian jaros vanek to pitts for a 1st vanek to San Jose for a 1st and Adam parsells i think we can all agree vanek and smith need To go , if holland wants them so bad wait till July 1and save 2 players from expansion while getting assets Its a no brainer