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  1. Sorry for the late replay haven't been on ... Point was I'd be more ok for me to include mantha in a package deal for someone like oel, i know mantha alone wouldn't be enough and if they'd also want Larkin then forget it I'd personally just wait those 4 years, like I said were not winning the cup anyways , and we have a star goalie in mrazek to help us win lots of games we shouldn't yes it's very hard to get a top pairing dman but it's almost or just as hard to get a top goal scoring winger with mantha's size , yes he's doing it in the ahl but he's just got all the tools and abilities to translate that to the NHL , he missed NHL training camp and pre season and struggled in his first ahl season and I'm willing to bet that delayed his progress I think 2 years into his NHL career we'll all be grateful we didn't trade him .... I love athanasiou and his speed and abilities and don't want to trade him but I'd part with him before mantha as I think his upside is much higher trust me I'd love to have trouba here , we just might have to wait and likely will, Ryan sproul has been looking good which will help, just sucks though I been hearing we might lose ouellet on waivers which is just stupid
  2. You just said it ... Potential number 1 , If it was ekman Larsson I'd reconsider , just think since we won't be cup contenders next few seasons we can wait for trouba to be a ufa in 4 years and come back home (I'm convinced he'd come to Detroit the second he gets the chance) and that way we keep both and it's not easy to add a high end winger these days either, mantha scored again tonight and I think given the right chance he'd really succeed ,wings should use him for his shot on the powerplay and not use his size to park him in front that's not his job, give those roles to abdelkader and sheahan, he was never used good
  3. Just wondering .... If December first comes and he's not signed can he go play for a team in Europe? Maybe that's what trouba'a agent meant by having a backup plan
  4. Wouldn't surprise me if trouba went on waivers soon enough the way were going ha think giving up mantha would be foolish , he's finally stepping it up and people just want to part with him?i don't think were going to win the cup in a few years anyways so im willing to wait till trouba becomes a ufa if need be , I'm convinced he'd come to Detroit when he gets the chance and we also keep the big winger who has size and skating ability and can score in bunches Larkin was an enigma, just because mantha isn't here now means he's going to be a bust (not saying you said he would be , just saying ) just look what we're doing to athanasiou now , kid should be in an offensive role not being turned into a 4th liner and penalty killer specialist if mantha keeps it up and gets 15 in 15 then it's time to stop messing around and get him a spot, as much as I like Tatar/nyquist there gonna have to go Sooner or later to make room for the kids, sheahan might even be gone soon enough, although I like him on a fourth line role with the likes of bertuzzi,turgeon etc.. Coming in 1-2 yrs anyways as you can see I'm a believer in mantha, although trouba would be nice I don't think we can land him with a good dman going to the jets anyways and we don't have any He'd better not f***en score 30 goals then lol , no way vanek should even be considered for a second to return to Detroit after this season
  5. Ya let's trade away a player with his size and scoring ability because we have so many of those waiting to come i know how desperate we are for defense but unless we're getting a real number 1 dman we shouldn't go too crazy , I'd much rather use athanasiou at this point cause the way the wings are using him he's gonna end helm 2.0 and at that point I'd rather keep the sniper and trade athanasiou before his value plummets completely also obviously nyquist/Tatar as trade bait , 2nd round pick and beyond(no way we deal the first this season) smith,marchenko(rather keep ouellet and sproul as I see them with higher upside) ... Sheahan Anyways point is we have other chips to use , and if we don't get trouba now we can just wait till he said a ufa to come home, not like we're winning the cup next few seasons
  6. For us to land trouba were gonna need him to be pushing behind the scenes for a trade to his hometown i also believe we'd need the ducks to get involved for this of happen since the jets want some d help back and our best trade chips are nyquist/Tatar Ducks scored 2 goals again yesterday and are 0-2 , think the better thing for us to hope they keep losing and scoring few goals ... A Tatar/nyquist on getzlaf's wing can fetch 25-30 goals I think because they want to shed salary to resign Rackell/lindholm they'd probably want Tatar, although his salary would go up after this season i read something above about bieksa and how the ducks would like to include bieksa with fowler to shed salary and by doing that his movement clause would be cancelled ? it won't happen but id do something like a nyquist/smith trade for fowler and bieksa and then trade fowler and bieksa with some part of his contract paid +a 3rd let's say for trouba anyways we need the ducks to keep losing to land fowler and flip him since they are stacked with promising dmen they won't trade for trouba
  7. Athanasiou and mantha are being kept out of the lineup cause they can't play defence yet we let in 6 goals ... Ha predict at athanasiou will be inserted in soon and put on a bottom line to kill penalties rather than using his speed to create offense We should really force our way into getting trouba , god I hope he's trying to force his way into being traded to Detroit behind the scenes, ducks scored 2 goals last night , hopefully they continue to struggle on offense and are willing to make some deals and go for a Tatar/nyquist (they also have to shed salary to resign lindholm and Rackell) 3 way deal with the ducks jets and wings just make too much sense ducks get tatar/nyquist jets get fowler wings get trouba obviously a few picks/players would have to be added here and there
  8. Yes It's game 1 of the season , zetterberg and Tatar were also -2 , doesn't mean nestrasil won't bounce back and get 15-20 goals
  9. Because you said so? got it Because Ken holland is a moron plain and simple , he thought he could get away with passing these guys through waivers even though literally everyone else knew that wouldn't be the case
  10. Yes because it's that hard to believe that holland would rather take a chance and send him down to Grand Rapids and hope he clears and we keep him in the organization rather than pick up a 7th which we all know are rarely successful ya it's far fetched
  11. Yet kindl got a 6th rounder and 2 kids with upside couldn't even get a 7th ? Please for some reason I'm thinking of that scene from space balls where Rick moranis fakes handshakes with bill pullman's character to grab the ring lol someone is manipulating holland into putting guys on waivers and I'm seeing holland crossing his fingers and that persons just laughing at holland when they get picked ... You felt for it again! Come on man what's wrong with you! Lmao ok it's morning cut me some slack lmao don't know why I thought of that haha
  12. I'm thinking we need Ericsson to break his leg
  13. I'm sorry don't buy it , we'll never know for certain but I can definetly see nhl management deciding they like a player so much they'd rather risk it and hope a player passes waivers than get a 7th rounder which in all likely hood will never play a game in the nhl ....im sure that s*** happens
  14. Simply stating if helm was on the 4th doing the role he should be then we wouldn't of needed both of Miller/ott and frk would be here both Miller and ott though shouldn't be here ... We could of had a line of helm glendening sheahan for example and been just fine , but holland is wiling to f*** the team to keep the streak and yes we should be getting draft picks for these kids
  15. Where did you hear he tried to trade them? Sounds like more bs to try and save face I can't imagine a team in the middle of the standings with interest in pulkkinen wouldn't think it's not possible someone would claim a guy with his shot and was a goal scoring machine in the ahl(yes I'm aware it's a different league) and never got a real shot in the NHL your ur telling me they wouldn't of given up a 7th if they liked him ? No let's cross our fingers and hopes he passes 16 teams and falls to us .... Please