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  1. I love the Wings so much that I'd rather them *not* be called that. Success breeds contempt anyway, there's no need to make it any worse by trying to making them a poster-team for the league (even though they certainly are deserving). Those of us who are not Dallas Cowboys fans will recall how much we hated being force-fed the 'America's Team' garbage for years, and I don't like them to this day largely due to that.
  2. Just to clarify folks - I made it *onto* the page, I didn't actually develop the webpage myself! Please send any potential entries to to ensure that they get to the correct people
  3. I think calf tattoos look sweet... plus they are easy to hide when you work a professional job such as myself! Warm-weather tat only haha Thanks for the feedback guys!
  4. Haha awesome, there's nothing new under the sun I suppose :-) I'm the most recent one at the top... got the photo with McCarty @ Good Time Charlie's in A2 (unfortunately was the game we got blown out by Montreal right before the All Star Break) and got the tattoo in early January!
  5. I made the Red Wings 'Around The World' fan page today and I had to share it because I am so pumped! I've been following the Wings since I was in diapers, so it means a lot to me.. especially since the pictures were posted just shortly before our boys made NHL history with the 21st home win in a row! Here's the link to the fan page: And here's a quick photo of me for verification :-) Let's hope they can keep up the high level of play - in my opinion tonight was one of their best games of the season - they look playoff-ready!
  6. I am an enormous fan of the Wings... that being said - for the love of God, don't go around wearing a replica Stanley Cup Championship ring!
  7. Just got mine last week... had been thinking about it forever, but I'm happy I finally pulled the trigger!
  8. Although not my favorite time (because when you hear it we are going on the PK), let's not forget about Archie Eversole!