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  1. Are the Red Wings America's hockey team

    I love the Wings so much that I'd rather them *not* be called that. Success breeds contempt anyway, there's no need to make it any worse by trying to making them a poster-team for the league (even though they certainly are deserving). Those of us who are not Dallas Cowboys fans will recall how much we hated being force-fed the 'America's Team' garbage for years, and I don't like them to this day largely due to that.
  2. My 15 mins of Red Wings Website Fame

    Just to clarify folks - I made it *onto* the page, I didn't actually develop the webpage myself! Please send any potential entries to to ensure that they get to the correct people
  3. My 15 mins of Red Wings Website Fame

    I think calf tattoos look sweet... plus they are easy to hide when you work a professional job such as myself! Warm-weather tat only haha Thanks for the feedback guys!
  4. My 15 mins of Red Wings Website Fame

    Haha awesome, there's nothing new under the sun I suppose :-) I'm the most recent one at the top... got the photo with McCarty @ Good Time Charlie's in A2 (unfortunately was the game we got blown out by Montreal right before the All Star Break) and got the tattoo in early January!
  5. I made the Red Wings 'Around The World' fan page today and I had to share it because I am so pumped! I've been following the Wings since I was in diapers, so it means a lot to me.. especially since the pictures were posted just shortly before our boys made NHL history with the 21st home win in a row! Here's the link to the fan page: And here's a quick photo of me for verification :-) Let's hope they can keep up the high level of play - in my opinion tonight was one of their best games of the season - they look playoff-ready!
  6. Detroit Red Wings replica ring

    I am an enormous fan of the Wings... that being said - for the love of God, don't go around wearing a replica Stanley Cup Championship ring!
  7. Red Wings Tattoo

    Just got mine last week... had been thinking about it forever, but I'm happy I finally pulled the trigger!
  8. Props to the DJ at the Joe

    Although not my favorite time (because when you hear it we are going on the PK), let's not forget about Archie Eversole!