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  1. Penalty Kill

    Hello all, I was an infrequent poster on Wingstalk and not sure where the site went? Tough crowd at times and difficult to be "accepted" as part of the in crowd so hopefully this is different. I had posted on there before about the frustration i have watching our penalty kill. We sit in this "passive" box and let other teams fire away relying on our goaltending. While "they" say that the goaltender is your best penalty killer this system is not working....and could be a big downfall come playoff time. The part that frustrates me most is it has been this way for the past few years and Babcock and staff havent' changed it! Can we possibly get more aggressive. I will use the Pens as an example. When Byelsma took over and Granato came on to run PK they became VERY aggressive, not even letting a team set up for a shot! This system is working with many other teams as well. My thought....why not TRY it and if it doesn't work you can always go back to the passive contained box! Very frustrating to watch! Your thoughts are appreciated.......our penalty kill is terrible and even last night with Coyotes 30th ranked PP they can score! It's pathetic! There.....i vented.....please comment. Thanks all!