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  1. Chelios Released from Duties

    What's to stop Chelios from doing it anyway?? Edit: for the record I'm really disappointed in all of you that this wasn't the second fricking comment.
  2. 15 Years Ago Today

    Please don't give Nerve any ideas...
  3. 15 Years Ago Today

    Dude I can't even explain it. I have a serious hate-on for the guy and always have. He's such a douchemeister. CAN. NOT. STAND. HIM.
  4. Who has been the Red Wings MVP in the last 25 years?

    This will never be an objective poll, no matter how much people debate 'stats' or trophies or whatever, because personal biases will always play a part. I voted for Yzerman, yes because he was the heart and soul of this franchise until the day he stepped off the ice, but also because he was my hero and I will never NOT think he was the greatest thing to happen to hockey since May 9, 1965. People who voted for others have entirely valid reasons, but they also probably have a soft and squishy. But I will also say that NO other player has people sprung talking about "bring back so-and-so" like Yzerman does. People *still* want him back in this org. Is it because he has proven himself as the most super amazing GM the sport has seen in recent years? You're fooling yourself if you say yes. So what is it? The guy flat out embodies the Wings for so many people that they pine for him over a decade later. That's gotta say something about his importance to this franchise.
  5. 15 Years Ago Today

    UGH why do I always have to be reminded of this travesty???? Eff that guy right in his b hole. And not in the good tingly way.
  6. What Are You Currently Listening To?

    Can't believe people didn't respond to this. Probably because you DIDN'T INCLUDE LINKS TO VIDEO j/k no one comes into the water cooler we've tried for years to get this place jumpin'. I've been listening to a lot of Maximum the Hormone and Dessa And frankly I like to party to the 90s on 9 station on Sirius when I'm driving
  7. Random Discussion Thread

    There's also this fun one where he does U2's "One" music with Metallica's "One" lyrics. And by fun I mean twice the depression zero down no wait buy it while it lasts...
  8. Random Discussion Thread

    I was a Soundgarden fan since I was in jr high, but some of Chris's best work was his amazing covers. The man could sing anything. And if you're not a fan of his high pitched screeching (let's be honest), then they are something everyone should check out.
  9. beers!

    I actually like the grapefruit shandy, and I'm not a fan of fruity beers. Could be I just really like grapefruit. I struggle to find beer I enjoy in the summertime. I tend to like heavier, stout/ale types and those just aren't as tasty when it's hot out. Atwater's Dirty Blonde is usually my go to when it gets warm--local, easy to obtain, and "summery" enough to be satisfying without feeling super light. This looks tasty as hell.
  10. 'Miracle' actor dead at 35 Sad.
  11. Statues at JLA?

    FWIW, on the last game broadcast it was mentioned that they would be finding a "place of prominence" for the statues in the new arena.
  12. In which we SPOOK OURSELVES

    Now I'm curious who actually does the narration for the audiobook
  13. In which we SPOOK OURSELVES

    Have you read the book? The tv movie is s***.
  14. This or That

    Fitted. I have a really small head and have to wear junior sizes lol dress up or casual and comfy?
  15. In which we SPOOK OURSELVES

    I was super leery of this movie, but the trailer makes me feel cautiously optimistic. Apparently this movie is only focusing on the first part of the book when they are kids, and leaving the adult portion of the storyline for the sequel. Hopefully the ending is somewhat satisfying, and figures out another method other than *spoiler alert* an underage gang bang.