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  1. Sad.
  2. FWIW, on the last game broadcast it was mentioned that they would be finding a "place of prominence" for the statues in the new arena.
  3. Now I'm curious who actually does the narration for the audiobook
  4. Have you read the book? The tv movie is s***.
  5. Fitted. I have a really small head and have to wear junior sizes lol dress up or casual and comfy?
  6. I was super leery of this movie, but the trailer makes me feel cautiously optimistic. Apparently this movie is only focusing on the first part of the book when they are kids, and leaving the adult portion of the storyline for the sequel. Hopefully the ending is somewhat satisfying, and figures out another method other than *spoiler alert* an underage gang bang.
  7. Knew that she brought his ashes, didn't know a little of Probie was left behind...
  8. The ultimate "in before the lock?"
  9. Also I have a request: if anyone comes across a picture of Stevie standing in the middle of the stick raising at the end with the big smile on his face, post please!
  10. Don't be. We all have puffy faces and stuffy noses. Nerve even has mascara trails, it's ugly I tell ya!
  11. Why wouldn't they let Journey be the last song played at the Joe?! It's been a great almost 4 decades. Definitely closing a chapter tonight. My heart aches but time waits for no man...time to move on.
  12. And they hit me with Feds right from the jump. And Shanny!
  13. Karen not sounding so hot... They said there'll be some recorded messages...I'm holding out for Feds lol
  14. Did Blashill get some boos, or is it just me?
  15. *in goal* serial killer eyes *at his wedding* serial killer eyes *at the birth of his first child* serial killer eyes