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  1. This bums me out, dude
  2. Not wild about the name (or the team's existence, tbh) but the logo's sharp.
  3. GDTs don't have to be professional looking or photoshopped--check out the Tacky GDTs from last season Just have fun with it and if you laugh, most likely we'll laugh.
  4. ... *pats butts*
  5. Well, f*** me sideways
  6. WTF is with all these weird goals?!
  7. Yes! Good goal!
  8. Laaaaaaame
  9. LGW! Holy s*** I actually get to watch this one!
  10. LGW!
  11. Ah, yes. *pats butts*
  12. LGW! Need a W.
  13. Nice, thanks!
  14. Maybe
  15. *mouth fart*