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  1. Christian


  2. Christian

    Datsyuk vs. Zetterberg

    Zetterberg (Born: Oct 9, 1980 - Njurunda, Sweden) Datsyuk (Born: Jul 20, 1978 - Sverdolvsk, USSR) Z: 140 Reg Season Games D: 209 Reg Season Games They are not that far apart and Datsyuk surely hasn't peaked yet either.
  3. Christian

    Datsyuk vs. Zetterberg

    Zetterberg (15G, 28A = 43 Pts) Datsyuk (30G, 38A = 68 PTs.) Zetter had about 10 games less, so let's give him at least 2 more Goals and 6 more Assists in that period (which is generous). While I would love to keep both and both are different players I would put my money on Datsyuk if I had to make a choice to retain one of them. Of course there is debate, there is always debate.
  4. Christian

    The Last 10 years

    Ditto, surprise he wasn't on the poll!
  5. Christian

    Datsyuk vs. Zetterberg

    I'd take Datsuyk. He's got more talent and I have hope he won't turn into a Fedorov crying diva.
  6. Christian

    Legace staying or leaving

    That's because Manny is a backup that would be the starter for quite a few other teams. He's gotta be frustrated as heck having Osgood back now as the preceived no.1.
  7. Christian

    Hossa and Redden for Dats and Lidstrom

    Holy s**t, no. That'd be the worst deal of ages.
  8. Christian

    Datsyuk to Wash?

    Dear God, please makre sure this is not true. If the Wings get rid of Datsuyk for Kolzig and some other dudes I am going to be royally pissed. Yeah, give up one of the best young prospects to be the next super start for some old Goalie when we already have two excellent ones. We have the cap room and we can accomodate Zetter and Dats's salaries. Why the hell are we not doing it? Dang!