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  1. Anyone know where I can get the streaming from? ATDHENetdottv wants you to download the Media Lite, and it has all kinds of junk attached to it.
  2. TY much
  3. Hey all. Cant fine the game anywhere. Does someone have a good feed for us less fortunate.
  4. Hey Dats. Some people feel the need to express themselves. Nothing wrong with that IMO. This is a forum, or a message board. Whatever you would like to call it. If you dont like what others have say, dont read it. And if you do read it, and you dont like whats said, go to the next thread. You dont make the rules around here. Its you that try and tell others how to conduct their buisness, that really gets under peoples skin. So plz, if you feel the need to tell someone to go express themselves else where because you dont like it, maybe it should be you that takes your own advice.
  5. hmmmmm Coming right down to the wire for most. 150 mins left. Commmmme on Wings!!!
  6. Cant believe how quiet its been this morning. 4 hrs and counting. If we dont make any moves, IMO its because he (Holland) is wanting to deal in the summer. And just hoping for a strong run in the playoffs.
  7. This is your team This is your team with Sammy :violin: So NO!!!!
  8. IMO, I havent seen any Leadership coming from Z or Franzen ALL year really. With all the money they getting, you would think they would put more heart into it. I didnt see tonights game, and now glad I didnt. I would be going out and buying a new TV tomorrow.
  9. Wow. Showing Franzen is a -3 and 1 SOG.
  10. Ahhhh. Thanks for the reply. I managed to miss this one. I was hoping for a stellar performance. Good to c he chalked up a goal. I am hoping it was nerves being back home. Hope he settles in. Thanks for the update "Hank"
  11. How has Kyle playing?
  12. Hmmmmm If this is true would be a good move for LAK, depending on what they would have to give up. However, if we stand pat through the whole deadline process, I will be disappointed. We still need that 1 -2 players to put us over the hump. IMO. We need PP / PPK / help desperately. The deeper we go into the playoffs, the more it will show. Amoung other things....