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  1. This team is what the Spanish would call....El Terrible
  2. Obviously Franzen....
  3. where will the trade be.....no whammy no whammy no whammy....
  4. optimistic that it will only occur on noon or 2:30 NBC starts?
  5. Staal to MIN 3 yrs 3.5 per according to Bob McKenzie
  6. Backes will be drawing social security before that contract is up.....good grief!
  7. quit whining.....we got Drew Miller.
  8. Hawks grab Campbell for $2M....holy discount Batman! I can't see us signing Nielsen, Holland will get too confused trying to keep Frans and Franzen differentiated.
  9. I remember back in 1997 when my high school ripped off their current logo for their new school logo.....
  10. Entitled? Easy Bernie..... since you feel entitled to half of the naming rights, you can have the "Arena" part and the Illitch Family can have the first part.
  11. I'm sure the Flames regret that decision as much as he does.
  12. lgw

    fingers crossed it is a typo and we snagged Ryan Callahan......
  13. injured

    It will buff out.....hopefully he's ready to go more than ever this fall!