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  2. Let's go red wings!! Btw, got practice on friday so I won't be able to catch the game with you. My house will be unlocked though so you can still stop out if you like.

  3. Er, make that Kings, always get the two mixed up, so close to each other.

  4. Haha, I wonder if I call you a homo if you'll get an email? Sup Petepat! We should get together for the Ducks game on friday, I'll call you before then.

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    CHL, Other Junior Leagues Look to Ban Fighting

    My first hockey game was a Storm game! It was awesome, the thing I remember most was that there was a rowdy bunch of fans that sat behind the visitors bench and taunted/insulted them the whole game. How expensive are the concessions at the Walleye games? I'm planning on making my way down there soon.
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    Post Everytime You Look

    My friend found a Terry Sawchuck bobblehead at a goodwill and bought it to give to me. I just want to know who gave it to goodwill so I can smack 'em. MUST COLLECT ALL OF THE THINGS