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  1. Trade Smith ASAP!

    hahahaha, rely on ericsson to generate offense... Smith shows flashes of brilliance, and that's what is most important in rookies. He just needs to learn how to handle a lot of new situations. Chicago has a very fast team, and especially a fast defense. Their D can afford to pinch hard on our guys, and since Smith is a rookie, they see a weak point. Maybe if we supported the puck more on this team, Smith would eat the puck on the boards and wait for help instead of throwing it away so easy. How many times last game did you see one flip or z carry the puck into chicago's zone with no support and get stripped by 2 chicago players just inside the blueline. The wings have played terrible the past few games as a team, we can't blame these losses on smith. I will admit he lost body position on Bickell for his goal, but the goal Handzus scored wasnt completely his fault. He went to challenge the puck carrier who was going behind the goal line. Why wasnt Quincey covering his position? Quincey is terrible positionally, and even though he makes some crazy goal-saving play every game, he really doesnt make Smith's job any easier.