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  1. Come on #Wings!! Don't get embarrassed and lose to this team on national TV.

  2. I love when people say their favorite movie is Scarface, you must be so original.

  3. Classic conversation last night. Me : "Relationships aren't easy man" Lindon Gjolaj : "Yes they are, people are just dumb" LMAO!

  4. #Wings clinch their 21st straight playoff appearance tonight. Congrats to the best organization in all of sports, yes I said ALL of sports.

  5. RT “@autocorrects: Your age doesn’t make you mature, but your actions and your ways do.”

  6. I want a Guns N' Roses T shirt. ????????

  7. Janet Jackson - Come Back To Me on VH1 Soul, love this damn song. Old school Janet is the s***!

  8. "What if BIG missed the party? What if Pac missed the fight?"

  9. I swear to God the music on my iPod gets me through life. #goodnight

  10. Not watching anymore #wings games this year. This is just absolutely horrible. First round exit.

  11. If you aren't making funny faces, you're not working out hard enough. #gym

  12. This Trayvon Martin case doesn't make sense. How is Zimmerman not in jail?

  13. Can I RT this 100 times? RT “@VictorIvezaj: I never understood how people can be so full of themselves. Extremely whack characteristic.”

  14. I was thinking of something epic for my 1,000th tweet. Really couldn't think of anything. So f*** off!!! ????