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  1. seriously though.. this new age music just doesnt cut it. listen to some 80's. that era of music actually has heart and meaning. #rapiscrap

  2. Kickboxer (ost) - Never Surrender: via @youtube

  3. Danger Zone - Kenny Loggins (Top Gun) High Quality: via @youtube

  4. why do people feel the need to lie.. when you know they will find out sooner or later.. so dumb

  5. Let's go underdog LOUISVILLE! Peyton Siva time! But I'm calling it now that whoever wins this game wins it all!!

  6. American Pie on Comedy Central. I think YES!! Can't wait to see American Reunion!

  7. I want to slap that ***** on Ridiculousness!!!! Ughhhh

  8. So Brad Stuart better step his game up. He has been horrid for us. Just saying #WINGSSSSS

  9. love this video! 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs - Datsyuk (US)

  10. 2012 Tampa Frozen Four Field Set -

  11. Love seeing the Penguins losing to the Islanders!! 3-1 #3rdPeriod

  12. after that Red Wings game last night I've decided that I'm going to watch ALL 6 Games of the '08 Stanley Cup Finals right now. WINGS =CHAMPS