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  1. My god this defense is hot trash. I can't believe I'm gonna say this but Howard looks great.
  2. Unless Pulk could've morphed into Nik Lidstrom I doubt he would've helped that atrocious defense last night. We don't need wussy players with strong, yet extremely wild slapshots. We need some friggin help on D... and fast.
  3. GoWings!

  4. I would like to see an upgrade on the...umm...defense and stuff.
  5. Zetts needs to play on the 3rd line. He's gotta take one for the team like Roger Dorn had to do for the Indians. Kronwall is a huge if and I think we have to trade for some defense at this point. Hopefully AA and Mantha can get some more minutes than Z and I think we just might be better than last year.
  6. I really hope the Red Wings birthday presents to me aren't just a Nielsen signing and resigning of Helm and Marchenko.
  7. signed

    Oh wow this off-season is looking scary so far.
  8. Have we talked to Weiss' agent yet about a possible one year deal so we can at least keep the mediocrity streak alive?
  9. Oh my god Holland really said this? He's making it too easy for us to rip on him here. What a disappointing, yet truthful read.
  10. Well if we fail to make the playoffs our first year at the Pizza Palace we can at least blame it on the lame name of our new arena and not on Andersson(Faceoff Connoisseur) starting in all playoff games over Mantha every year.
  11. Boyle was a good player and had a solid career before his 2 subpar years in NY. Brooks is a wise ass who jumps on bandwagons every year. I know because I read his columns every day in the Post. One minute he wants to make out with Lundqvist give him a reacharound, the next he's to blame for everything. Lundqvist wasn't good, no doubt, but they have spent money on guys like Nash, St. Louis, Yandle, Staal and Boyle and they just never got it done. Lundqvist should never get the blame with that organization. Tldr, Brooks is a little weasel.
  12. I would've much preferred "The House that Cleary Built" or instead of "Bell Tire Center" maybe "Kicked The Tires Center."
  13. The name Talbot will always haunt my dreams after 09. That being said, that 09 team is miles better than this one now. I miss those days. I really miss that 97-98 team. A whole lotta talent mixed with a whole lotta bruising coupled with a chip on their shoulders. That team had a lot to prove and they did it back to back. I guess you can say those losses stung but I remember the Devils Cup sweep and our amazing year in 96 only to be stopped by the scummy Avalanche and those really pissed me off. That 02 team was stacked though. Can't win them all I used to tell myself. Good times. Now it hurts that we barely squeak in and are out in a round every year.
  14. Mrazek.. You're a buffoon.
  15. Edit: Wrong thread