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  1. Sentell

    3/19 GDT - Red Wings at panthers - 7:00 PM EST

    G Does anyone else hate Helm being on the second line and Nyquist Tatar on the third?
  2. Sentell

    3/15 GDT : Red Wings at Philadelphia Flyers, 7:30 ET

    Green is starting to be a disappointment
  3. Sentell

    2013 Offseason Thread

    This is what we should do, For sure boot White, try and boot Samuelsson which will be ard cause of his no-trade clause, keep Filppulla, keep Cleary, Keep Brunner and Miller, and Holland will sing all the RFA's. Lines Abdelkader-Datsyuk-Zetterberg Franzen-Filppula-Nyquist Brunner-Helm-Cleary Miller-Emmerton-Eaves Too-too Bertuzzi, Andersson, and those guys call-ups Defense Kronwall Ericsson Kindl-Dekeyser Quincey Smith
  4. Sentell

    2013 Red Wing Lines

    In my opinion these should be the lines. Pavel Datsyuk Henrik zetterberg Damien Brunner or Nyquist Johan Franzen Valterri Flippula Mikael samuelsson Todd Bertuzzi Darren Helm Danny Clearly Drew Miller Justin abdelkadar Jordin too-too/Eaves Nick Kronwall Jonathan ericsson Kyle Quincey Brendan Smith Carlo Coliacovo Ian white Jakub Kindl wings should try and get Lubomir Visnofski at the deadline but other than that, if Brunner plays good with dat and zet and wings stay relitivaley healthy I see a cup for this season. Opinions my minions?
  5. Sentell

    Nyquist vs. Brunner

    I think theres only room for one of them and Id take Nyquist
  6. Sentell

    Interesting Tootoo read

    Glad to have him on board
  7. Sentell

    Bouwmeester opinions? Potential trades? *merged*

    I think that If JBo joined the Red Wings he would GUARANTEED get 40+ Points. Especially on the powerplay with Dat and Zett, and I think the main reason CGY is gettin rid of him is because his Cap hit and there small Cap Space. Alot of wing fans complain that they dont want his contract even thought its only for a few more eyars and we need a top D. I think this would be the trade for him. Jay Bouwmeester, and Calgarys 5th rounder in 2013 for Jakub Kindl, 2nd round pick for 2013, and Gustav Nyquist Opinions?, and Id like to hear your trades
  8. Red Wings need to get a Super Star or a 60 point scorer to play with Pavel and Mule

  9. Sentell

    Why is Cleary still on the team?

    Cleary is a good third liner and they need his depth for some years before they let him go. He had 26 goals last year and had some sick goals this year and Nyquist needs to stay in the AHL for a year or 2 more for him to develop.
  10. Sentell

    Z The Beast

  11. Sentell

    Quincey vs. Stuart

    If he does leave Holland should Trade his rights for some players or picks.
  12. Sentell

    Detroit or Vancouver

    Ya agreed but canucks will most likely get Home ice. But wings have beaten cancuks at home this year and they can be good on the road.
  13. Sentell

    Wings or Blues

    Which team would win or go further in a series Wings or Blues. Wings have better offense and D but St.Louis goaltender is a bit better. I'm sure we have all asked ourselves how blues are ahead of Detroit and other better teams but its all Hitchkok and their Goalies. What do you guys think?
  14. Sentell

    Needs to be said

    It would not be good if Wings finish 6th cause they are legit ally 4th now and if they play San Jose they are f***ed. They are only western Season they lost to (3-1 for sharks) and last year wings played a crap team in first round and had a long break and they played poorly there first games against sharks. If they play Preds or Hawks they will probably win and get a good series out of it. And they would have to finish season off s***ty to finish 6th.
  15. Sentell

    Detroit or Vancouver

    Ya and Red wings never lose a season series against canucks. LU could possibly s*** the bed and VAN Dosent have a deep enough team as they did last year.