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  1. We had a blast at the game!! Detroit Red Wings fan are hardcore hockey fans!! At first the people around us weren't too sure of what was going on, but they soon find out we were there for the love of hockey! I had about 20 people come up tome askig why what was going on with all those Nordique Jerseys. And at the end of the game, a few people said we could come back any time! It was pretty awesome. Now, we sit and wait to see what's going to happen in Phoenix
  2. Thanks for the advice. We'll on be there for one night. The morning after, we're going to Toronto,s Hockey Hall of Fame.
  3. Any fun things to do after the game? Restaurants, bars, comedy clubs?
  4. I was there last year in New Jersey, last game against the Devils. There were 2000 of us and we had a blast and I think the fans did too. When we left, people were begging us to come back this year. We're doing this for the love of the game.
  5. Hey Detroit folks! We can't wait to be at the game on april 7th!! If things go as planned, there will be about 700 of us