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  1. Dreger tweeting exactly what cheveldayoff wants. Letting Trouba know he won't be playing anytime soon. Trouba should just sign a one year deal it's in his best interest
  2. First game I've missed this year! How was Mraz?
  3. Nyquist started last game in that third line but played mostly on Z's wing What happened to Abdelkader? I never heard anything about an injury?
  4. Faceoffs were a big problem and Z along with the team has been great since he switched. Have yet to look good on the road tho
  5. Tied for first in the league in scoring as of yesterday's game
  6. So the Ducks put Despres on LTIR giving them some cap space to sign Lindholm for the time being
  7. Their were reports of Flippula and Nyquist being offered for Bouwmeester and Rick Nash but being turned down. Also the fact Holland has been involved in every impact defenseman suggests nobody wants our assets. I mean he was willing to move the golden boy DD for Trouba. I think he has the balls. At the end of the day this is all speculation
  8. 4 games in 4 nights? This is because of the World Cup? Are they still having an All star break?
  9. Holland hasn't had the assets to make an impactful trade in the last 5 years. Prior years the team was perennial President's Trophy contenders and they didn't need to make an impact trade. Now we have the assets and the need and looks like a trade will be happening
  10. So Abdelkader didn't play I guess. It took me until the third period to clue in
  11. It just shows what a disappointment Smith was coming into the league. Wings fans are blown away by a rookie defenseman stepping in and not being a complete dumpster fire. Ouellette has been good too but right now I prefer Sproul. Wouldn't mind Marchenko being benched although he was good tonight
  12. Sharks looked terrible but that was one of the most complete games I've seen the wings play in a long time
  13. Teams starting to form their own identity finally after the lidstrom era i think being so bad their first two games was good for them. I remember last year starting out 3-0 but playing like crap took them a while to get their crap together
  14. Sigh So much for having a new game plan after last season. That didn't last long. I understand that we're getting roasted in face offs and possession but I don't know if this is the answer I also really liked Ouellette. He made some really skilled plays and on the other hand Marchenko has been terrible. Getting beat regularly in his own zone while providing no offense, puck movement etc. Basically the Sheahan of the defense. But he's big!
  15. I love when he mentions that Abby scored 4 goals in 2 games and proceeds to exclude them from his argument