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  1. Well Holland isn't an idiot he's not going to trade a 24 year old center for scraps just because he's having a miserable season. I wouldn't trade him unless they could actually get a 1st rounder which I doubt. It's not like his salary is hurting the team. See if he can bounce back next year with a new coach
  2. Does anybody know all the good twitter accounts to follow for rumours. I got all the TSN guys
  3. Jurco for a 3rd blows my mind so now thinking Smith could fetch at least a 3rd but I guess his RFA status comes into play. Hawks must be really high on Jurco but it shows Holland valued him as well just coaching and his attitude forced his hand. It shows coaching and Holland don't see eye to eye. The organization saw something in jurco and Holland refused to give up on him until he absolutely had to and got a good return on a guy who couldn't crack the lineup (coaching errors) Im thinking when a new coach comes in from outside the organization and plays the right guys he's gonna blow Wings fans away
  4. Anybody here drunk right now?
  5. I think we can count on Blashill being let go this offseason
  6. I wouldn't budge over 3M for 3 years
  7. I guess my rationale was that if Smith resigned really cheap I'd rather him than a 4th round pick but I guess Smith is going to test FA unless Holland overplays him. But if Smith ends up being like Quincey and nobody wants him I'd take him back in a heartbeat for a cheap short term deal
  8. Wings are in a lose lose position. They're not gonna get any first round picks for anybody. Vanek should be traded for a 2nd cause he will be old and expensive but Smith is young and cheap and fits the criteria of what the Wings are after. Although the more I think about the less likely it is Smith gets a cheap deal from Holland anyways. Smith will sit in FA like Quincey and sign cheaply for 1 year
  9. My thinking is Smith is more valuable to us than one of the last picks in the 3rd or 4th round. Holland has been brutal with his contracts but if he signs short term for what he's worth it's a no brainer to me. I think we'd be very lucky to get Pittsburgh's 3rd round pick but if we did I would think long and hard about it. Anything less than that just keep him
  10. Young dman that fits our needs>6th round pick
  11. The Wings have invested soooo much time with Smith. I'd rather keep him then get a 5th round pick and watch him play like Shultz for Pittsburgh. But watch people will assume for the next 5 years Wings were offered 1st round picks left and right
  12. Capitals only loss in February
  13. Something something compete level something something
  14. These 3 on 3 lines should be gold
  15. Awful rebound there but Mrazek has been great. Wings just laying down and dying in the third period I think can be attributed to ice time in the third. We want to lose anyways so oh well