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  1. Sigh So much for having a new game plan after last season. That didn't last long. I understand that we're getting roasted in face offs and possession but I don't know if this is the answer I also really liked Ouellette. He made some really skilled plays and on the other hand Marchenko has been terrible. Getting beat regularly in his own zone while providing no offense, puck movement etc. Basically the Sheahan of the defense. But he's big!
  2. I love when he mentions that Abby scored 4 goals in 2 games and proceeds to exclude them from his argument
  3. i know we sucked possession wise but I think that's more to do with the defense being trash then our scoring players getting benched. We were playing on our heels regardless because of the defense play and our big forwards won the battles and cleared the zone where AA Larkin would be puck chasing and not blocking shots. I'm sorry but it's a real thing. Miller had about as good of a game as you can expect. Most of the credit goes to Howard obviously no sarcasm
  4. Howard stole 2 points you couldn't ask for better goaltending. It's games like this where strong defensive forwards were leaned on. Had to win key battles and weather the storm and they did. Noticed Mike Green on the ice for the last seconds The defense just kills the wings flow offensively. Even against Ottawa when they seemed to be clicking offensively the D really dragged their ass and kept the game up for grabs. Ouellette has really impressed me. Marchenko has been terrible. The D just works in waves. They can get the job done for a period then they suck for periods
  5. Can I just say that I hate WiiM. All their articles read like angry LGW posters. You know when you post 3-4 opinion pieces a day it's got to be mostly dribble
  6. I don't remember hearing anything about a shoulder injury?
  7. Loved everything about that game. At times they were completely dominant with their relentless puck pursuit. That's going to be key for this season. They have something they're good at They do get rattled at times and make some dumb mistakes with the puck but overall the D looked a lot better
  8. That is all speculation ^^ I think the wings nosedive and Blashill gets fired. Team responds but still not good enough for a playoff spot. Holland makes room for our guys out of waiver options and we finally take a step forward next year
  9. I'm not seeing much in Sheahan. From the first two games what I've noticed are the wings biggest problems is transitioning and in zone defense. Getting the puck back and winning battles, keeping plays alive
  10. I think the defense is so bad right now the forwards aren't getting a shot to show what they can do offensively. Having said that I think all 5 men need to be better in their own end getting the puck back and exiting the zone efficiently. We may need to get back to dumping the puck in and forechecking hard. We looked good in the first period against Tampa doing this
  11. Either Blashill's system isn't working or players aren't responding. In zone defense is brutal. Zero pressure on the points and losing every battle down low. DD is supposed to be an 'elite shutdown defenseman' he has the size and got paid but he's getting turned inside out and losing battles all over the ice. If he keeps logging these big minutes his numbers are going to look embarrassingly bad for his contract Babs was good at finding a way to compete every night with an outmatched team. Blashill needs to get creative because his system hasn't worked going on two years now. Haven't liked his coaching at all
  12. So your just going to follow me around and post about me passive aggressively. It's not that serious
  13. The same people mad that Mantha and AA don't have room on the roster want to keep Pulkinnen and Jurco
  14. Sheahan is a career bottom six player. Has not been able to elevate his game in three years
  15. 20 goals? Puleeease