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  1. 4/1 GDT : Panthers 1 at Red Wings 2 (SO)

    Hi, I'm new, first time poster. My screen name is a slam on Forsberg and I loathe Coloradical. Been posting on other forums for about eighteen years as Poison Ivy and Smilin Spleener along with this one. I've been looking for U P Guy who used to post on the Detroit News WingNut Forum. Anybody seen him? Anywho, Babsie is "tinkering" with lines...hah! Hows about putting the best line in the entire League back together - Z D and H. And folks wonder why their production is down. Homer is the hardest working man in the buiz with the hand-eye coordination of a wizard. That trio had chemistry like no other. I honestly feel that without these three on the ice together, Detroit doesn't have much, if even a prayer of seeing the second round. It's not too late, Babsie, give it a go! These last five games could get 'em tuned right up.