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  1. Vandyfan84

  2. 2012 LGW Playoff Picks Game: Round 1

    The bias in this thread is epic
  3. For once I agree with Don Cherry

    Sidney Crosby is a little *****. He's a concussion away from being irrelevant.
  4. Wings meet Preds in First Round

    Lol were a dirty team?!? Hornqvist gets the s*** beat out of him day in and day out but we just go out and do our thing. Why don't you continue to spread more misinformation. BTW, my favorite player outside of the Preds is Johan Franzen. I feel dirty for even saying that.
  5. Wings meet Preds in First Round

    I guess being realistic makes you a bad fan huh?!?
  6. Wings meet Preds in First Round

    In denial? Lol yeah ok buddy. Well revisit this in about 2 weeks and if I'm wrong I'll eat crow. But this isn't the old predators team that used to just enjoy getting to the playoffs. We've tasted a tiny morsel of success. We've come back for more. Right there...youre going to win both games in Nashville bit lose your first home game? That's just ass backwards because you're not a very good road team but you are dominant at the Joe.
  7. Wings meet Preds in First Round

    The wings do have more experience, more success, and more offensive fire power. I know and Preds fans know what lies ahead. You are the benchmark as it has been stated. Yall should take pride in that. So this is gonna turn into a "my school is better than your school" debate huh?
  8. Wings meet Preds in First Round

    The fact that you think this series will be over in 5 shows you need to have your head examined Forgive me if I think we have earned some respect that were not receiving.
  9. Wings meet Preds in First Round

    Well this will be Pekks second invitation to Las Vegas as a Vezina finalist. Even though I don't think he will win it. Quick wins it in my opinion And this is the disrespect I was speaking of.
  10. Wings meet Preds in First Round

    No doubt we wouldn't be where we are if weber Rinne and Kostitsyn were hurt. We might not even be in the playoffs. But injuries are a part of the game. Hell Lindback went down with a head injury tonight...Lindback is a serviceable back up and will start for a team soln. Will be nice trade bait this summer.
  11. Wings meet Preds in First Round

    No tootoo whistles near me bruh. I live in vegas
  12. Wings meet Preds in First Round

    Really? If you want to use a baseball analogy...then why is a 300 game winner so meaningful? Why are 20 win seasons such a milestone? I thought they didn't mean s***.
  13. Wings meet Preds in First Round

    1pm EST
  14. Wings meet Preds in First Round

    Yes I have. However, you're still the effing red wings. I think there are some ridiculous predictions on both ends of the spectrum Are you really trying to say jimmy Howard is in the conversation with Rinne? That's rich right there 2 things. Injuries are part of the game. You just look petty when you blame misfortunes on I juries. And being on pace to do something and actually doing it are two different things. Holla at me when you learn that. Last I checked, Rinne led the NHL in wins with 43.
  15. Wings meet Preds in First Round

    Really? Assume much? I'm providing factual data and not once have I said would this be a blowout. This will be a close series. I say Preds in 6. If it goes to 7, it'll be hard for me to not think the wings have the advantage