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  1. 2006 World Series: Tigers & Cardinals

  2. 2006 World Series: Tigers & Cardinals

    Teiveira would be a good fit. Should Monroe be traded, what would happen if Maybin isn't ready? I don't like the idea of Thames being the everyday left-fielder. One player I absolutely do not want to see moved is Bonderman; his name has been in the papers as possible trade bait. I think that move would come back to haunt us later. But as you guys said, without Dombrowski, maintaining a winning ball club will be a much more difficult task. The real shame isn't that they lost in the World Sereies, it's the way they lost. A reporter for the Free Press wrote in this morning's paper that he oveheard other reporters saying that Detroit had no place in the World Series, and that if the ALDS was a 7 game series the Yankees would have won with no problem. Looks like any respect they gained this year nationally has worn off and they'll have to prove themselves again next year.
  3. 2006 World Series: Tigers & Cardinals

    The series can't take away from the incredible year it's been. I don't think I've been looking forward to Spring Training (only 3 and a half months away!) this much in a while.
  4. 2006 World Series: Tigers & Cardinals

    Thought Casey would be in the 3rd slot considering they way he hit last night. In any case their bats better heat up quickly if they want to come back to Detroit for game 6.
  5. 2006 World Series: Tigers & Cardinals

    Umps probably knew he was using Pine Tar, even though they didn't say that. It's their discretion to determine whether the Pine Tar is affecting the ball to a degree that the pitcher then possesses an unfair advantage. Obviously in Kenny's case they determined it wasn't. What bothers me isn't that Rogers was using Pine Tar, but that the media and Cards fans are causing any discussion about the Series to devolve into a diatribe about cheating. Get over it.
  6. CCHA Hockey

    Hopefully Northern fulfills expectations this year and at least competes for the CCHA title. Off-topic - shoud be another horribly losing season for WSU.
  7. 2006 ALCS: Tigers vs. A's

    Mets, Cards, doesn't matter. Right now nothing can stop this team. Those 'Destiny' signs people hold up really are true.
  8. Lang is Lazy and He Sucks

    Gordie Howe is lazy and he sucks. Seriously, what has he done lately?
  9. 2006 ALCS: Tigers vs. A's

    Los Tigres in six. Eat 'em up Tigers!!
  10. Favorite Opponent

    Chicago. There always seems to be a few dozen 'Hawk fans in attendance. It's fun seeing the look on their faces after we beat 'em.
  11. MLB Season 2006 thread

    I'll admit, watching Jonesy in the lockerroom almost made me lose it. What a great season. Here's hoping they get to celebrate again in the next week or so. Take the Central boys!!!
  12. MLB Season 2006 thread

    Detroit News columnist Lynn Henning wrote in this morning's edition that Rogers ought to be moved to the Bullpen, making way for the call-up of Chad Durbin from Toledo. If he has another bad start on Saturday against Cleveland, maybe Henning's right. Although he was the victim of some defensive errors on Monday, he didn't look very sharp. Thoughts? Here's the link to the article: DetNews
  13. MLB Season 2006 thread

    Tough loss to the BoSox last night. Looks like Rollercoaster Jones is back.
  14. MLB Season 2006 thread

    Leyland was on the Big Idea with Donny Deutch on CNBC last night; the Tabbies are getting attention everwhere these days. There'll be alot of Tiger fans with sore jaws this summer. Nate Robertson, look at the monster you have created.
  15. 2006 FIFA World Cup

    I think the US is capable of beating the Czechs and maybe drawing Italy IF they are healthy (Reyna). It'll be tough though, nobody will make the mistake of taking them lightly again. Getting past the group stage would be good enough for me, considering they would likely face Brazil after that. Just as long as it's not another disaster like '98. US Soccer's repectability abroud would tank and it would take another deep run in the next WC to regain some of that respect.