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  1. I remembered why I avoid this place. You people are like a yo-yo, constantly up and down. You can't sweep every series and winning 4 games in a row in the playoffs isn't easy.
  2. Yet you'll be the first person saying how you never lost faith and knew they would win.
  3. The Blackhawks weren't going to lay down and die. Stop being so reactionary.
  4. How can the Ducks get away with all of these cheap shots after the whistle? These refs better smarten up or things are going to get nastier. The call on Selanne was a good start but he could have easily got two penalties, one for the high stick on Howard and then for cross checking Eaves in the face three times.
  5. Salami should be getting a double minor. High sticking Eaves two or three times.
  6. Finally they called this post-whistle s***.
  7. When are the refs going to start giving out penalties to the Ducks for their post-whistle BS?
  8. gdt

    The Ducks have just as much travel.
  9. gdt

    If we do lose, I'll be signing off for at least a week. This place is going to be an absolute train wreck.
  10. gdt

    The Ducks will come out buzzing and the Wings will look flat. Idk how you come back from absolutely giving away a regulation win.
  11. gdt

    I wonder what it's like to be a fan of a team that can pull off 2 and 3 goal comebacks in the 3rd period in the playoffs.
  12. gdt

    This team has been getting hemmed in their own zone all night and it finally bit them in the ass.
  13. Fat chance that ever happens. I'd say it's either going to be Bert or Eaves. Sammy eliminated the possibility of being scratched when he scored last night.