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  1. I wonder what people think when they walk past our sound class on project presentation day.

  2. Today is a good day! Hoping for the best tomorrow!

  3. I am so not a designer. This sound project is killing me.

  4. You get a chaise lounge. You get a chaise lounge. Every ones gets a chaise lounge!

  5. Raining Saturdays were made for bad TV marathons

  6. Sometimes the hardest thing to realize is that your life would actually be better off without someone in it. Then to actually say gooodbye.

  7. My stomach is literally in knots. I can't handle this pressure. #GoWings

  8. Got my first starbucks trenta today! Its like a Big Gulp but classier

  9. So ready for this day to be over. Only 12 more hours to go.

  10. I just pinned so hard. Now to bed.

  11. $6 tshirt that says "cool story bro" to buy or not to buy

  12. Free app in at the app store today: HockeyFightPro #GreatDay

  13. Bad mood=eating an entire pint of ice cream

  14. Just spent my time between classes watching youtube videos of hockey fights. #GoodMorning