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  1. 2011-2012 Vezina nominees

    Rinne, no brainer.
  2. Nashville or Detroit: Better Hockey Fans?

    I can honestly tell you the Predators NHL forum is not like that at all. We have a few Wings fans on there who are from Nashville and we have civil, sometimes classy jabbing, but all around civil discussions. If someone if on your forum and not there to troll but to discuss the series with the rival team's fans I see no harm. I can't stand the Facebook Team Pages that get flooded with opposing team trolls that ruin good discussions so I know what you're saying and I definitely do not fit the same bill. I know there isn't much love loss between the teams and apparently the fans but that doesn't mean we can't debate and discuss, agree to disagree on topics without resorting to classless name calling, etc.
  3. Nashville or Detroit: Better Hockey Fans?

    Don't. I'm only here for the series. In all honesty though, don't be biased, read the comments. There is nothing wrong with a little friendly ribbing, and poking fun and getting into this rivalry for the Playoffs. However that's not the case since I've joined here. It's been nothing but blatant disrespect and foul words and harsh assumptions around every corner. You simply cannot have a valid/sensible debate on this forum with a Red Wing fan. It's really no fun for either side. I know I'm not having a blast having to defend myself, my city and my team every time I even say the simplest thing. "Red Wings in 6" Me: "I hope Nashville in 6" "HICK, REDNECK, RETARD, COUSIN F***ER, ETC." It's shameful and an embarrassment towards real Red Wing fans that I've met in person at home & away games that will actually talk to you like a human and talk hockey, not crude geographical stereotypes or such of the sort.
  4. Nashville or Detroit: Better Hockey Fans?

    Oh God whine much? I could care less who the BEST FANS OF HOCKEY are. It's a silly poll only devised because The Tennessean and The Detroit Free Press are sister papers. All in good fun and you make it out to be life or death. Who cares what we play when we score a goal. It's Nashville, the home of country music. So we have a country music star tweaking the words of one of his biggest hits to cater to the Predators. SHOCKING! HOW DUMB IS THAT! Pfft. Oh and I've traveled to many away games as have other Predator fans. We usually have a section (303 the Cell Block) organize trips during the season. We had one to Florida, St.Louis, Chicago, Colorado and a few more. Keep thinking that Red Wings fans are the only ones who travel to away games though, it seems to be working for your outrageous ego. We haven't been around as long (yet) but that doesn't mean we can't start tradition and hopefully see it passed down for generations to come just like Red Wing fans before you did for you. Stop being so prude and high and mighty about the whole deal. Like I said keep being the "best" fans in hockey and leaving playoffs games in the 3rd period with plenty of time with since you're all so loyal and we'll keep banjo stringing and yeehawing when we advance in the playoffs
  5. Nashville or Detroit: Better Hockey Fans?

    Sorry we have only been around for 14 years. It's not our fault we weren't blessed with a National Hockey Team until 1998 but hockey has been around in Nashville since the 60s so some of us aren't as dumb to the sport as you may like to think. I've never said Nashville knew any more about hockey than a die hard Detroit fan either. I'm simply saying it's not fair to write us off as hicks with no grasp of the sport because we are from the South. Oh and those weren't towels they were shirts and I'm sure most of them were thrown by visiting Red Wings fans and possibly a few Predators fans who didn't care for an XL Shirt. I have about 20 of them in my drawer from playoffs because they are way too big to wear. I guess some folks decided to donate their to the ice They will go to charities now instead of not being worn.
  6. Nashville or Detroit: Better Hockey Fans?

    Am I not allowed to be? Am I breaking rules that I am unaware of? I mean I think you have all the right in the world to be here and cheer yourself on as a better fan just as I will do the same for myself and my team. Just because I make a reply to an egregious comment about Predator fans, I am a bad guy? I don't care if you say Red Wings fans are better, that's cool. I have a problem when people take cheap shots and say things out of their ass. As I STH I take offense to someone saying we trash our arena and even hinting that we aren't loyal. That's about as near sighted as an opinion that you can have.
  7. Nashville or Detroit: Better Hockey Fans?

    I am a STH of the Nashville Predators and I have never seen anyone trash the arena. How so do you account for this claim? Also a fan base that is loyal? The Nashville Predators fans rallied and damn near rioted when they even thought about moving the team and helped it stay put and it has thrived ever sense garnering tons of respect along the years across the league. When I think of loyal Red Wings fans I think about seeing them get up and leave during Game 3 with plenty of time to try and mount a come back attempt. Never, unless the game was just ridiculously out of reach late in the 3rd have I seen Predator fans leaving. Especially with it being a playoff game! Shame...
  8. Preds not allowed to play ping pong at Joe Louis Arena

    Ok look I completely understood the word correlation and it's relevance to your sentence. I know where you were going with the word correlation. That has been addressed. I'm telling you that by saying two too many consonants that you are sounding ignorant. So the word CORRELATION has two too many consonants. I guess then it has just enough vowels for me to understand then because that's what words are made up of. You insinuated that the word was all consonants and just two too many for me to comprehend. C,R,R,L,T,N are the only consonants. The rest are vowels. So how exactly does that make sense let alone qualify as a dignified insult pertaining to my education? You could've saved yourself a lot of time and actually been off the hook had you said the word was just too big. Too many syllables or too many letters. Instead you narrowed it down to consonants and frankly came off silly in doing so. It's ok though. The original point stands. I didn't call you a bandwagon fan and just because I used a join date for a kid in calling him one doesn't mean you were dragged in with him. Next time try to focus on things I say if they have your name in them
  9. Preds not allowed to play ping pong at Joe Louis Arena

    Whoops a typo. Obviously meant smarter, but still only a misspell not a misuse of a word. You could have said "Correlation must have too many consonants for you to understand" but even then the word is not entirely made up of consonants so it still remains misused. You said "two too many" as opposed to what other word. You said it had 2 more consonants than say another word? I'm still baffled by the whole thing. I think you tried to sound intelligent but botched it right out of the gate. I'm sorry you just didn't fully grasp the English language growing up.
  10. Preds not allowed to play ping pong at Joe Louis Arena

    all this Bertuzzi talk reminds me of a funny video...
  11. Preds not allowed to play ping pong at Joe Louis Arena

    Him doing his time is your opinion. I for one do not think ending someone's hockey career with a sucker punch attack should ever have a "time served" option. Hell Weber didn't even injure Zetterberg and most Red Wings fans want him dead and probably always will from what I've read. I'm just trying to understand the two is all. Oh and Bert changing his game? That's a laugh! He still sucker punches people, aka at the end of game 1 on Gaustad who had already been separated Datsyuk and up against the glass with a ref.
  12. Preds not allowed to play ping pong at Joe Louis Arena

    Yeah it's kind of obvious I'm not really expecting ice time to be taken away. Come on now... Why is the second statement stupid? He sucker punched and ended Steve Moore's career. I think he should have been permanently removed from the NHL. You however praise him and expect him to keep being a goon. I understand what correlation means. I do not however understand what "two too many consonants" has to do with the word? Correlation is not two consonants. Consonant is not even a description of the word correlation. You used the word consonant in your sentence as a noun. con·so·nant    [kon-suh-nuhnt] Show IPA noun 1. Phonetics . a. (in English articulation) a speech sound produced by occluding with or without releasing (p, b; t, d; k, g), diverting (m, n, ng), or obstructing (f, v; s, z, etc.) the flow of air from the lungs ( opposed to vowel). b. (in a syllable) any sound other than the sound of greatest sonority in the syllable, as b, r, and g in brig ( opposed to sonant). Compare vowel ( def. 1b ) . c. (in linguistic function) a concept empirically determined as a phonological element in structural contrast with vowel, as the b of be, the w of we, the y, s, and t of yeast, etc. 2. a letter that usually represents a consonant sound. Sorry but you butchered the usage of that word and I called you out on it. Please stop acting smarting than you really are
  13. Preds not allowed to play ping pong at Joe Louis Arena

    I agree it has it's funny side to it. I also agree it's immature. I mean it's over and done with, move on. Leave it all on the ice for Pete's sake. I mean I guess Nashville could retaliate by barring the Red Wings from practicing on their ice before game 5 and tell them to bring their own ice with them. :shrugs: I mean it looks like Bertuzzi & the Red Wings have moved on from him ending a guys career so I don't understand why this whole "we are still mad at weber/nashville" thing hasn't been squashed.
  14. Preds not allowed to play ping pong at Joe Louis Arena

    That is a funny typo if it's real. I have never seen that picture in Bridgestone though. :shrugs:
  15. Preds not allowed to play ping pong at Joe Louis Arena

    "Correlation must be two too many consonants" How does that even remotely make sense. The relationship between the two comments must be too many speech sounds for me to mentally grasp?