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  1. 23 game home win streak

    Don't bash the best GM in professional sports. He has done nothing but bring good things to this team. A dismal season like this doesn't mean he has done anything wrong.
  2. Favorite Moments of 11-12 season.

    Datsyuk scoring with 5 seconds left, I jumped so high when that happened.
  3. Will #5 be back?

    He'll stick around for another year. Don't need to say anything else.
  4. Wanted: Fedorov Jersey

    I'm kind of a Fedorov fanboy..I'll be in the Detroit area until Sunday. I can pay paypal if necessary.
  5. Predators fans boo Zetterberg

    Don't matter. Bring your octopuses to the Joe on Sunday, home ice advantage is ours. They can boo Z all they want.
  6. Predators fans boo Zetterberg

    Classless bunch of fools.
  7. Bitz suspended two games

    It always seems to work out this way. If Zetterberg was Crosby, Weber gets kicked out for the series. Wow.
  8. Nyquist in game 2

    Nyquists versatility makes him valuable. He can also play a somewhat physical style!
  9. Chants From The Joe At Game 3?

    Obviously, WWEber will be boo'd.
  10. WCQF Game 2 GDT : Red Wings 3, at Nashville Predators 2

    Let's play some inspired hockey tonight boys!! Come out flying, shove Rinne into his net, and show Nashville that they still don't measure up. THROW YOUR WINGS UP!
  11. Who Will be at Game 3?

    Section 120 row 10! I'm feeling that every time WWEber touches the puck, we boo him!