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  1. yup, with Quick out the Kings have 1.54 cap space so the Jets would have to eat 50 percent of Pavelecs contract plus take a cap dumb back. They don't have much choice maybe even trade for Retto Berra.
  2. No they aren't one is signed for too long and the other guy isn't a center nor a defenseman. Sure, if Vanek keeps this up he might net a nice return come the trade dead line but there is also the risk of Kenny resigning him.
  3. The Kings are not looking at longterm contracts so there is no way they are going to take on Howard. He is better than the other options (Pavelec, Mason) but Howard is also signed for longer. Which is why guys like Howard, MAF or Miller will not be an option for LA.
  4. We may differ in our approach how to fix that bad team longterm but in this case you are right. It's way too early to draw any conclusions, which is why I'm surprised to read headlines like the Canucks are the comeback kids, the Flames are in trouble and all that stuff. I think before the 20 game mark nobody should draw any conclusions and even then the bet somewhat can do is to point to some trends which is s till only a quarter of the season.
  5. Happy for the guy and well deserved. But on a personal level it ******* sucks. Generalfanager was my go to site, it was easy to navigate, had a nice clean layout and a lot of great tools (like the expansion draft simulator). This season isn't even one week old, some good streaming sites are down, generalfanager is gone and the games have been mostly boring so far what a ******* great start..
  6. Here's a good article (probably one of the best), on how to fix that defense TLDR: - expose Green to the expansion draft (no brainer) and don't use the cap space if nobody that really helps in the long run is available - get something for Smith at the trade dead line - sell of guys on 1 year contracts and the trade dead line Personally I would add LTIR Kronwall starting next season.
  7. looks cool thanks for posting that
  8. Trouba doesn't have a contract so teams can't even offer sheet him. it really sucks he wants out but can't
  9. Um ok then damn that's a good contract. hopefully one of the Jets or Ducks get desperate
  10. so the Ducks don't want any salary back but they also don't want to pay Lindholm...The Jets' asking price is sky high....maybe look at buffalo and Ristlainen?
  11. show them the standings and let's see if this team has any heart on them
  12. Yah I'm going to laugh about that ******* irony forever... Unless the Jets are coming off their stance of being hell bent on getting a top 4 defenseman back that deal is almost impossible for the wings to pull of. If you trade Larkin than the Wings have a hole at Center, trade DD and nobody to pair with Trouba. I'd trade Mrazek in a heartbeat but the Jets don't need him they have Halleybuck. That's why I think a trade with the ducks should be easier to pull of, not that I won't require a very good piece coming their way but... And before people keep thinking Trouba, Fowler would fix everything obviously not but they would be a good start to further built around a new core
  13. Like I said I'm not putting the kid down it's just his name is too complicated just like AAs real name is. I think the Ott contract was the best signing he provides some grit, is cheap and his caphit can even disappear by sending him down. I'm just stating that there are no quick fixes and that doesn't fall on Blashill it falls on Holland. He constructed this roster which is very close to the cap and has major flaws sure Tampa and the Panthers will more than others expose them but the reality is..this team is overmatched against every team that has a top defensive pairing and a number one center. People think Ottawa will be an easier opponent well they don't have a number one center but their top 4 pairing is very good, so it's not going to be much easier. I would love a quick fix as much as everybody but look around the League it's not going to happen because nobody is trading studs without expecting studs back, that's why good draft picks are becoming more and more valuable.
  14. whatever his name is also I didn't put him down. I just don't know his name usually I call guys whose name is too complicated just Apu. Also Mr. Super fan I am more than over it. But it will backfire especially with this defense and every potential help costing a lot!
  15. there are no quick fixes. Trouba is going to cost Larkin plus or Danny D. plus which is very telling on how all the other players are viewed by other GMs. Also if Holland isn't even willing to offer AA plus for Fowler Wings won't get him either because others will offer a better package. Oh how handy a guy like Chychrun would have been now but no rather trade him for Clownski and use the space for another patchwork fix on July 1. it's not really rocket science either put in a competitive offer for Fowler or pray that the Jets bomb and Cheveldayoff will lower his asking price which would still be high...or else play out this season with this defensive core and finally sell at the trade dead line to get even more picks. there is no other option, period. The Toronto Maple Leafs learned it the hard way but they learned it. I mean look around the league trades are at a premium and we've seen how much defensive studs cost..either another stud or a top 4 nhl widewinger. Quantity for quality just doesn't work anymore