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  1. Would have to think about that long and hard but I guess I would do it because this will be the highest pick since ages. Huge fan of Larkin and I think he is the potential to be a great second line center don't know if he'll ever be good enough for first line duties.
  2. Well Cheveldayoff could just phone McPhee and ask him about Trouba for their 6 overall, so he would get a pick for a guy who will not sign an extension with his team, not bad at all. I think Trouba will be better than every available defender from this draft class but the Wings also need a real number 1 center and I'm willing to take my chances with Patrick but if it's anything less than that I'd take Trouba.
  3. And why? Because other teams have drastically increased their scouting efforts in europe it's almost impossible to find some gems in the later rounds now, that's why first round picks are so valuable in todays NHL. The Leafs have a great guy to oversee their scouting department in Marc Hunter but they've also had the pleasure of picking very early.
  4. Depending on position and pick for first overall? No otherwise yes. Trouba will soon be an UFA so the Wings could try to sign him and a another piece to the rebuild comw june
  5. Rest of the league is more focused on him and they are more aware. Just like it happened to Gaudreaus this year both need to re-adjust
  6. Yeah that's the only reason I can think of.
  7. I want both, after next year Trouba will be an UFA so he can choose his destination. I'm sure getting Patrick would make the wings a more favorable target for him. I would try to get Liljegren or Foote (if he is willing to report) at 5
  8. This team can't even compete for the best owner in all of sports. I'm done with that sorry excuse of a team wearing the winged wheel on their chest. I want someone from the outside coming in with full authority to clean house, like Toronto did under Shanahan. Larkin, Mantha, AA, Danny D. are pieces to build around other than them good bye and it's also time for the architect of this to take responsibility and move up or out. He did a lot of great things but he has no clue how to do a rebuild which is ok he never had to go through one. Bring in Maloney and Hitchcock please
  9. Whos your source saying he has? I figured the usual Holland fans are making things up again.
  10. Source? Is anyone of the mentioned coaches in a role with the Wings? No they aren't so that's your source it's called "he may"...and then talking about absolutely nothing to quote Nelson HA...HA
  11. You do know and realize that a coach like Julien doesn't come along very often? You also realize that neither Gallant nor Hitchcock have received an offer from the Wings or even being offered some sort advisor role? So tell me why I should think that it was different this time? Ok so Bergervin the GM of a first place team moved very quickly, newsflash Wings are last move quicker!
  12. He had: - blank checque from the best owner in all of sports - Hall of famers ruling the ice - advantage because thanks to Hakan the Wings oversea scouting was unmatched for a long period of time - enough room to cover up some stuff thanks to an endless budget and no CBA in the pre cap era
  13. Sadly yes the guy is loyal to a fault and has lost his hunger to build a cup winner. Julien of the market without receiving an offer from the Wings let that sink in. I just hope at some point Chris or whoever is going to be the new owner will tell him to step up or step down
  14. Vanek will give the Wings a solid return, something in the ballpark of a second rounder and a solid prospect which is still MUCH better than losing the guy for nothing in the summer. GMs aren't stupid they've seen him playing in contract and non contract years I'm sure most know what they are getting which is basically a guy with a good net front presence but let's be honest he is a third liner on a cup contender.
  15. Best coach available and not even an offer...that's all one needs to read. Holland just hasn't adapted to the new NHL, he doesn't see the value in trying to get the top picks, he is loyal to a fault. Nothing against Blashill but it's a shame that Gallant isn't already on the Wings payroll in some official role and now they've lost the best coach being available since losing Babcock that's just insanity. Weber, Price, Galchenyuk and Sergachiev under a Julien system have fun east...