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  1. one word: injury would I prefer a first? Of course but I just don't see a team giving up a first for Green unless they are really desperate and him having a great season.
  2. Cheap 1 year and PTO deals that can be flipped for picks at the trade deadline
  3. As soon as someone offers a second rounder the guy should be gone. He is way too risky in his own end and that's the primary job of a defenseman.
  4. Happy for Nurse, Looch, McJesus and Talbot go get it :-)
  5. I make nobody sound stupid, it's a discussion board and everyone has his or her opinion on how to improve the Wings going forward. For me *personally* I think the best way to get a chance at much needed players the Wings have to be young and inexperienced to increase their odds, other's disagree fine. The Leafs have done a lot of things that have gone unnoticed for whatever reason, they've chanced their scouting, front office, brought in the best coach in hockey AND decided to go young. The big question is, can they add a stud defenseman if they can they'll be contenders soon. As far as Edmonton of course McDavid has been tremendous for them (that guy is unbelievable at 19 years old) but I will also admit that I was wrong about Hall for Larson it was a great move because it allowed Edmonton to have 2 solid defensive pairings, that combined with the play of Talbot made Edmonton such a 180 degree changed team compared to the end of last season. I don't know why you think Buffalo has it so bad? Yes, it wasn't a good year for them and Pegula isn't happy otherwise he wouldn't have fired Murray and Discodan but they still have Eichel, Ristolainen, ROR and Reinhart to build around. Maybe Philly, the Avs drop the ball and pass on Vilardi so the Wings can take him but I wouldn't count on that which means if you don't trade, draft for that much needed stud defenseman or number 1 center other teams will leave in the dust in no time and that's exactly what happened to the Wings. Even Develano agreed with that notion, so it's not me trying to make other people sound stupid it's just me pointing what happened to the Wings and that I'm really concerned because I haven't seen a real plan on how to get the before mentioned help other than "hopefully some players turn out better than expected". Call me pessimistic or whatever but that's my view on the situation and I am as entitled to it as everyone else is to his or her opinion
  6. think hanging on to a streak, signing veterans to longterm contracts and hoping that some kids would magically become better than expected is the way to go ...I and others heavily disagree but I leave it at that because it's pointless. So if you want to argue further go ahead I won't answer. . Hope the Wings go for a kid like Tippet, Vilardi (if he falls..) this team lacks a young, promising powerforward
  7. No it's Eric Godard aside from Sid the kid the most entertaining player the Pens have had, sadly they've send him down and then he reitred.
  8. The Caps should thank god that Godard has retired otherwise Niskanen and/or OV would have looked a bit different after the game, such a distry team. Hopefully the Pens make it quick and short with them now.
  9. You do realize 4ov > 9ov right because that's the most a team finishing with the worst record can fall. And yes other than Larkin, Mantha and maybe AA (if he becomes more defensive aware and works harder) are worse than you average top 10 pick. There is reason why some guys are picked higher. Which winning culture? Adding a bunch of patchworks (= what Toronto did under Burke) to maybe make the playoffs no thanks, rather see the kids learn and by doing so get some picks that could help sooner rather than later I know to some even this season wasn't an eye opener so it's pointless to argue but I would easily trade this roster for the one the Sabres, Leafs, Oilers!!! and even Florida has. If Dahlin can add a serious amount of muscle and keep his skaing than yes he would be a great pick but in order to get the big price (= if you think it's Dahlin) you need to sink with the kids and NOT sign veterans or trade away prospects and picks just to make the playoffs simple.
  10. I don't think Tavares wants to go from one crappy situation to another if he decides to leave the Islanders. Trading for Trouba would be awesome but it would take Mantha or AA + and I would rather trade AA than Mantha but it's wash up and Trouba is easily worth it. In terms of DD I agree with you, he had 1 bad season way to early to give up on him. If Tavares becomes available this season there is a huge problem: 1.) crappy team and 2.) where is the cap space I think signing some guys to PTR, 1 year contracts and flipping them for picks should be considered, just don't bring Green or anyone else back. Keeping Z to mentor the kids is enough veteran presence you don't need a bunch of veterans to show the kids how it's done, Z and Kronner are more than enough. 9th pick well the question is, forward or defenseman so he could slot in either way after some time.
  11. They traded their core led by Phaneuf and Kessel, fired their GM, coach, some scouts and what not. See here And They got Kadri 7 or 9th overall, JVR I think was for Schenn and a first and Bozak was a college signing but all 3 are complementary players their core is: Reilly (5 ov), Matthews (1 ov), Nylander (7 ov), Marner (4 ov), see? each one of them a top 10 pick and one of the two wingers has the potential to net them a huge defensive upgrade, which is hardly good for the rest of the eastern conference and then that Anderson trade and sign. Blowing it up is more than just changing players sometimes it also helps to add a neutral outside perspective - like hiring Shanahan or Nichelson in Edmonton - to get a fresh look at things and then decide how to go forward. You always say Arizona did tank. Let me ask you this: no future place to play, shoestring budget, no money for free agents and no open check book to hire the best of the best scouts whats their other option? Maloney gave them some good pieces with Duclair, Domi, OEL but as long as their franchise isn't stable nothing will change. Colorado made the classic Edmonton mistake before Nichelson came in, go for forwards without thinking about the defense. But this is about the current Wings and the current status is, that this team has no stars and lacks the pieces to trade for stars. That's usually the time when smart teams decide to start over or else you'll end up with a situation like Detroit or Vancouver. Is the 9th overall a bad pick? I don't think but it's also not going to be a star player something the Wings really really need. All I'm hoping for is that some team pulls a Columbus passes on Vilardi, Tippet and one of the 2 might fall to the Wings otherwise Liljegren or Foote
  12. Exactly and I think this will be a problem for Toroto when it comes down to attracting the top free agents. In Tampa you pay no tax, no media and players actually can walk around without being recognized that's a huge plus. That being said I hope TSN brings back Lebrun
  13. The needs are obvious but how do you get them, if you don't have the pieces other teams are interesteds in IF they decide they have to trade one of those guys? By hoping to strike gold with the X sleeper pick, or signing veterans to rirdiculous contracts or not trading players because of whatever reason? The Leafs were bad because their 2 previous GMs couldn't see and accept what this team really needed, in comes Shanahan and a management team that knew it was time to blow it up and build from scratch and here they are in year of a rebuild 2 challenging the caps in almost every game, if they can add a top pairing guy watch out. Guys are always talking about irrelevant other teams are guess what? The Wings shine has worn of this isn't the destination it used to be and if a team can't even sink or swim with the kids once they are mathematically out of the playoffs than what? The Wings have been irrelevant since 2012, they are close to the cap and have no young stars to watch but of course the next wave of AHL players is going to dominate at the next level....I remember to read something like that when Babs left it just never happened, hence why the NHL is a different beast than the AHL. Also Eichel, Laine went second not first overall. Also if the AHL guys are that good (as think to believe), why not play them over veterans , safe capspace for later and if it doesn't work out find other players? I'm also one of the few guys who said he would be happy if Larkin would turn out to be a solid top 6 center and I still think he can become a solid to even good second line center just not first line material, plus I'm not disappointed in how Goose and Tatar turned out because I've had realistic expectations for each of them. Some rather hang on to status quo altough the team is just bad only exception is the team didn't do enough to increase their odds at a good pick. People can laugh at the Avs but they still have the 4th overall which could mean Vilardi might be available and then they can trade one of their big 3 for defensive help. Being bad in the right year is not rocket science, every team knew the drafts when McDavid, Eichel, Matthews, Laine, Ekblad and Werenski were available (hint: ALL where available at a time when the Wings should have started to really rebuild), now being bad in a so called weak draft and falling a few spots is a tough situation and despite what some status quo guys think not the best way to open a new arena. But it's useless to discuss this. You have your opinion I have mine but even all those crappy years some guys still don't see what this team really needs that's a bit surprising to me. I just hope Tippet by some miracle falls to the Wings he even plays the powerforward type of game more than Mantha
  14. How about speakin for yourself? FAct is the Wings haven't drafted for size since Mantha and they even moved back to draft a guy who would have beenö available in the second round last year. If the Wings are going to draft fPetterson it's a clear indication that they don't know twhat this team needsa! btw. you've said the Wings have prospects that aren't worse than those of the other teams?`Ok so where is Jack Eichel, Zack Werenski, AAron Ekblad, Austin Matthews, Nolan Patrick, John Tavares ? No names well that's because the Wings at best have secondary players and no one even close to being a number 1 defenseman or number 1 center it's ******* ridiculous that even after such a bad season some rose colored fans still don't see this. The best thing would be to trade every veteran just not Z and build this thing up from the groudn
  15. Agreed but from what I've read on TSN (slow as hell...), there are concerns with Patrick because of injuries. Hirschier needs to bulk up and then there already seems to be a bit of a drop off. Personally I would take Vilardi over Hirschier without thinking twice about it regardless the Flyers will get a very good prospect. The funny thing is, there isn't even an UFA ready to help this team either so it's basically status quo for another year in other words time to trade the vets and sink or swim with the kids.