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  1. Ok cool that should fall within our range. Does above row 25 have sight issues?
  2. Gretzky deserved every penny he was given.
  3. signed

    Alfredsson will be around 50 points this season. He is slowing down a bit, but he has the heart. I'm just shocked still he ditched the Sens.
  4. A friend and I are planning a 90 day road trip through North America, where we hit 60 sports events along the way. We are trying to figure out are budget right now so I wanted to ask. How much do you think a couple Phoenix Coyotes @ Detroit Red Wings tickets cost for the October 10th game. It's the Wings second home game, but the Coyotes probably aren't a big draw.
  5. If that game is any indication this will be a quick series.
  6. Bruins are just dominating this one. Could be a long series for the Leafs
  7. I love the showboats. Why try to take excitement out of the game? They want more goals because they want more cellies.
  8. They were debating on the TSN Panel if it should have even been a penalty. I agree that it should have, but that's enough. Lots of people say borderline penalty, so definitely no fine/suspension
  9. Always have to make a big steak for the game. pregame that is. No eating during.
  10. Blues look good but I bet kings find a way to win tonight.
  11. Too bad St. Louis and Stamkos don't help their team win. They allow as many as they get.
  12. Howard isn't goin to win us playoff series by himself. Our offence needs to step it up in a big way.
  13. The problem may be they are having to dig deep now just to make the playoffs. Which makes me concerned if they will have that extra level to go to in the post season.
  14. Devils in 5.......the Rangers haven't been great in these playoffs.