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  1. Death of the integrity of the NHL.

    And if this is a place where anyone can let out their inner homer, then I'm free to slap that inner homer with a healthy dose of reality. Just because I don't choose to see the Wings as an organization on the rise....or being one piece away from being Cup contenders again, doesn't make me less of a fan.......I guess I can just look at things objectionably.
  2. Death of the integrity of the NHL.

    Not talking down to you at all......not sure where you would have gotten that......but hey, its cool.
  3. #5 Philadelphia Flyers vs. #4 Pittsburgh Penguins

    Yeah.....eventually every team except one will be eliminated!! Bwahahahahah. Oh....wait, that will be the Cup champ.......and the Wings will still have been the first team eliminated. This is pointless.
  4. Death of the integrity of the NHL.

    I'm all for being a fan......and trust me, I've been watching Red Wing hockey for more years than I care to admit......but there is pride and then false pride. Sometimes the rose colored glasses cloud the judgement. Just because you love your team, it doesn't make you a better, more educated fan. All the cheering and rooting in the world couldn't help them beat Nashville.....they lost to a better team.....they didn't get screwed by the officials, they didn't lose because they didn't play to their potential.....THEY LOST TO A BETTER TEAM. Try and say it a few times......its soothing. The truth shall set you free.
  5. Ice melting under the Penguins

    We suck....but Pittsburgh lost its okay. Pathetic.
  6. Have we seen the last of Holmstrom?

    On a side not.......if I were him, I'd retire.....has anyone ever seen his wife? My son played against his son last fall......and that was the highlight of those 2 games....checking out Homers wife! Tall, leggy redhead....very nice! Lol!
  7. 4-1 1st rd exit best thing for Wings

    If they need defense so badly.....why the hell would they want Quincey? He was by far our worse defenseman in the playoffs......nobody in their right mind is giving us a second round pick for him.
  8. Death of the integrity of the NHL.

    I realize its not just Wings fans....I'm sure Leafs fans and others are just as bad.....but I live here, have all my life.....and listening to talk radio and reading the boards after a loss....there is never a time when the officials AREN'T called into question at some point. Its comical. Its very rare when you hear a rational fan say "we just got beat by a better team"
  9. Legwand hides puck in game 4

    What the hell are you trying to say? Are you trying to say that Legwand carried the puck off the ice while the Preds replaced the actual puck with a "stunt puck" and placed it in Rinnes pads all before the refs actually knew what happened?? Lol! I'm not sure what you are getting at in your post.....but it sounds like a bad CSI episode.
  10. Have we seen the last of Holmstrom?

    Wouldn't that be teaching an old dog new tricks? How do you "groom" a player that's been in the league for 12 seasons? If Bertuzzi is on this team in two seasons.....we've got BIG issues.
  11. Who do you blame for this unsuccessfully playoff run

    Ding-ding-ding! We have a winner. Well said.
  12. Death of the integrity of the NHL.

    Do I doubt the league wants to market Crosby like they did, not at all, but do I think they would try and alter the outcome of games (specifically games against the Wings as most here believe) to do I don't. Let me guess.....all those years ago, the NHL sent in some undercover agents that told Probert and the boys "cmon over to this little bar, its called Goose Loonies, we'll buy you boys a round or two" just so they could ensure another Cup for Gretzky and company? I'm constantly disgusted with how some Wings fans will create conspiracy theories that the officials are out to get us.....when in reality, we just aren't talented enough to advance. They remind me of U of M fans that think Michigan never loses....they just run out of time, or get screwed by the officials.
  13. Death of the integrity of the NHL.

    You need to check your facts. The league has seen increased revenue in each of the years following the lockout, some teams recording franchise record revenues. I may agree that there is an issue with safety and what the league considers dirty or otherwise......but honestly, can we stop with the Penguins consiracy theories, or the conspiracies that the the league has it out for the Wings........the league earns far more money when the Wings are successful and thriving.....why would they want them out? The fascination with the Penguins is absurd......they don't even play in our conference for christs sake.....why the obsession?
  14. #5 Philadelphia Flyers vs. #4 Pittsburgh Penguins

    10 goals.....and 15 minutes left to play?? Lol! Nice defense Philly.
  15. Too many damn pretty boys

    We covered this a page choice of words was wrong. The thing I found funny was at this time yesterday....80-90% of the people here were calling a Wings blowout last night and talking about how much better we are then them......then I wake up this morning and the entire first page is filled with threads calling for Babcock to be fired, Holland to be fired, cut half the team, Jimmy Howard sucks! I've seen this coming for 3 years.....and I'm not tooting my own horn by any hope was they would add pieces here and there....they haven't, and there is not much infusion of young talent either......and what it adds up to is a franchise that suddenly looks very frail and weak.