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  1. Better to see them in minny then pitt or chi. They r not worth 100 mil contracts though.
  2. Ryan Suter agrees to 13-year, $98-mil deal with Wild

    Hmmm. So both these guys are worth crosby size contracts. I hate crosby. But I don't think so........we r better off in the future without them. Just saying.
  3. favorite wing never to win the cup in Detroit

    Lol. Just keeps on coming.
  4. favorite wing never to win the cup in Detroit

    Looked like a new thread. Didn't realize we are recycling posts from 7 years ago.
  5. Red Wings Next Captain

    Franzen! He reeks of leadership and work ethic!
  6. A general, how I would build a team

    I nodded out after the first paragraph.
  7. Would you?

    Doc. Your statement was it would never happen. Truth is IT COULD. Ill agree that Nashville might not do something to take themselves out of a month of potential talks. But Suter has turned down nash offers to this point and let's say he shows strong signs to leave (as some on these boards would assure us) then nash might trade to get something out of the deal. A pick or prospect. Doesn't matter. Just my opinion.
  8. Would you?

    Take some notes doc. Happened last year with bryzgalov. For one.
  9. Franzen has a broken nose ?

    Yeah. That spear was pretty severe. Kept him out of the rest of the game..........oh wait.
  10. Franzen has a broken nose ?

    Typical Franzen. Notice the cross check he performs before the love tap (spear). I don't feel sorry for him as he brings it on himself. Players don't respect guys who start sh.. and won't back it up or feign injury. Then one wonders why he gets his nose crumbled like a cheap cookie? Good for Kalinin. Franzen is a joke.
  11. Would you?

    All this talk on Suter like he is a sure thing. Don't get your hopes too high. The preds might trade his rights before July. The first stage Detroit can't and won't take part in. Giving said team an advantage on signing Suter. Secondly Suter is going to demand (and get) a value of crazy numbers simply because the market is out of whack and teams are driving cost up on avg to below avg players simply out of desperation or to fill cap space. So when a guy like Suter comes he will get even higher coin. Long contract and front loaded. Holland won't go there because he may be a bit afraid (risk) and his philosophy won't allow him to mortgage the future on one player. Just saying.
  12. What Lidstrom NEEDS to Do...

    If Hollands conversation with lidstrom is money over getting the neccesary parts [players] for this team to win a SC - any fan would have to be seriously disappointed to see lidstrom back in the winged wheel jersey. The past is past. He isn't geting younger and people need to let go and understand that. Talking about him coming back like he is going to be norris caliber addition to this team is comical. Id rather see this team do what is best to win rather than toy with the old gaurd over and over.