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  1. Just think about the guys that should be the core of our team for the next 12-15 years. Mantha-a sniper, pure goal scorer. Svechnikov-sniper and play maker. Larkin-very good speed, good shooter and passer. AA-very good speed, good shooter average play maker, G Smith-big physical puck retriever with some offensive skill. These are the guys that will become our top 6. They will also fill out of top 2 PP units. What is missing? Front of net. No one else in the entire system can play that role. Adding Tippett doesn't solve that. He is another sniper, which is fine. But then we have to do something dumb like this year when we had to use Mantha and Vanek as the front of net guy, roles that they are not suited for. After Vanek it got worse and we had to use Sheahan! We also used helm and Nyquist in that role. This is why Rasmussen fits our team and the team needs so well. On paper anyway. Look at potential PP units down the road: Unit 1, using a 1-3-1: net front: rasmussen slot: Mantha RH wing: Larkin LH wing: Sproul/Russo Point: DD Unit 2, using a 1-3-1: net front: Smith Slot: Svechnikov RH wing: AA LH wing: Jensen/Cholowski Point: Lindstrom Those are not bad units based on potential. Now if Tippett was our choice we lack a net from guy and we take one of the wings out of the lineup. With him being a RHed shot it would be one of the Sproul/Russo or Jensen/Cholowski pairs.
  2. again 1 was ranked 4th the other 5th. 1 can skate the other cant. Not a big difference at all here. Thing we all have to remember is every guy picked in the 1st round this year could be a bust. Every last one of them. On the flip side every one of them has enough potential to be a star. For anyone to say they know for sure who will do what is flat out lying to everyone.
  3. There is a reason, we just have no idea what it is. Maybe it is as simple as his poor skating. Maybe more... who knows.
  4. That we agree on. His drafting or the organizations drafting has been pretty good the last 5 years. The 10 years before that was terrible. Kindl, McCollum, Sheahan, etc.... vs. Mantha, larkin, Svechnikov, Cholowski, and rasmussen. Much rather have the later group!
  5. It does play into things. Generally teams in all sports stay away from drafting drunks, drug users, women beaters, people that cant spell the sport they play, those that are overly entitled, etc...
  6. What position is Tippett? Vilardi? Neither will be C's in the NHL. Yes we could have went D instead. I would have been very happy with Foote and less happy with others. I would have been happy with Tippett as well. But I don't believe he is better than Rasmussen either. Different players. They play a different game. We have snipers-like Tippett and have 0 front of net guys like Rasmussen. We all have been complaining-to include yourself about taking to many 50ft shots with no one there to bang home the rebounds. Now we have someone to do it.
  7. He could yes. So what? Larkin and AA are supposed to be C's but are not sued as such. So do they suck? Or do we have a coaching problem? Svechnikov can play C very well-all 3 spots TBH. If he stays at wing does he suck? Or is it a coaching issue? If Rasmussen moves to wing that isn't a bad thing. Yes it leaves a hole at C but there are some options on the team. He is but 1 piece of the puzzle.
  8. That is your opinion. Get over yourself. Again he was the 5th best NA skater. Vilardi was 4th. But at this point in time Rasmussen is a better skater than Vilardi. If Rasmussen goes out and puts up a bunch of 25+ goal seasons playing in front of the net who cares? Will he? We will only know 15 years from now. Then we can decide if he was a bust and the other guys you mentioned where better.
  9. I understand when people have their own favs, but not sure why the hate for a guy that has yet to play a pro hockey game. Many keep talking about his lack of skill. Not sure where that comes from. I don't read every scouting report but I do read several. Not one said he sucked. I have been following the draft for 20+ years and over that time there are some specific sites/scouts that I have grown to trust. That being said here is the scouting reports for our last 5 1st round picks from the scout I trust the most. You tell me were he is wrong: Mantha Tall left winger with physicality and scoring prowess, as well as willingness to stick up for his teammates. A physical presence in the Q that has elevated himself into the first round by playing well in each outing. He missed the cut-off to the 2012 draft by one-day, and in 2011-12 has a respectable 22 goals and 51 points in the QMJHL. Increased that to reach the 50 goal plateau this season. He does come with a little concern that he can play uninvovled and unwilling to do much of the dirty work on the back check to unearth pucks. No one wants to start placing labels on junior scorer who come off lacking enthusiasm and full game commitment, but you have to wonder if it leads to his fall down the slottings. Larkin Two-way player at the centre position who displays excellent balance and jump all over the 200 foot sheet. Sees the ice well and makes plays in the offensive zone with both skill and grit. Plays strong on the puck and shows some snarl in the battle zones. Displays soft hands and sets up a whole lot of chances for his linemates. Very responsible in his defensive zone. Smart and aware on the attack, and deceptively quick. Svechnikov Big bodied Russian import who hands and feet can at times make him a dominant player in games. Has a good shot and feet. Possesses a big frame that has room for more weight. A member of his homeland’s team roster for the World Junior Under-20 at Christmas 2014. Cholowski Four way skating defender who has seemed to go from a tiny midget defenseman into a six foot elite skating offenseman. Calm, confident and aware from his end all the way up to the attack zone. Plays on both the PK and the PP where his vision and elusiveness already make him a strong competitor. He will continue to work on strengthening his shot and over all physicality in the weight room. He started at 5’ 8” and projects to be 6’ 3”. Committed to St. Cloud State University. Rasmussen Large competitive two-way centreman with skill and good feet. A gritty, naturally strong player with mobility who wins most board scrums. He is a dominant player in the front and below the goal line. A mobile skater who is difficult to contain or move; he wins puck battles and scores. Intriguing prospect with upside offensively: difficult to contain, and effective vision and passing skills. Owns the front of the net on the power play. He might look for the pass over shooting, but he protects the biscuit well. Has an upright skating stride but gets there and shows jam when he greets you. His combination of power and skill is at the high end of this draft class, even though you might hope he would show a bit more effort all sixty minutes. A raw talent who may end up being the best player out of the West. Do any of those scouting reports saw player X sucks? Or do those reports sound pretty spot on? I think those reports are pretty spot on and based on years of following and trusting this scout I tend to believe his evaluations. Now others may disagree which is fine. But rasmussen is going to be a good player for us, same as Mantha, Larkin, soon Svechnikov and Cholowski (the 1 guy I totally disagreed with at the time).
  10. Just some scouting reports: Zablocki: Inconsistent centre who seems willing to let teammates do the heavy lifting, while he waits for a gift wrapped chance. Displays a quick shot and good jump in his skating, and scored 28 goals, but you are not sure from game to game if he is gonna work all 200 feet, or wait for teammates to make him. Gallant: Under-the-radar centre/forward who is a puck generator, scorer, and plays both on the power play and the penalty-kill. Solid forechecker and two way player who will drop the gloves if necessary too. Petruzzelli: Impressive big goaltender who has finally slowed down and learned to let his enormous size and gifts to do the work instead of getting in “fire drill mode.” Terrific combination of size and athletic ability that has NHL teams returning to make their final ranking decisions on him. Displays a strong glove hand and excellent awareness in his area. So big that when in his full spread, he covers the entire bottom while on his knees and still covers most of the top corners! Committed to Quinnipiac University.
  11. A scouting report: A raw, puck-moving, offensive defenseman with great scoring instincts. Most notable for his 4 goals and 5 assists in 1 game for Almunta in U16s. Since then, he's continued to put up great offensive numbers, including 7 points in 4 games for his U19 team internationally. Struggled a little in his first season with Sweden's second tier league, particularly in his play without the puck and defending stronger attackers. He still managed to finish 2nd in scoring for U19 forwards. There's skill here but he needs time to develop his d-zone game and fill out his frame physically.
  12. Lindstrom. An offensive Dman. RHed.
  13. How about Petruzzeli the G from Muskegon in the 2nd? Might be a great pick! Think Coreau but with skill!
  14. Only 2 things left to do: Move up and get Hague in the second, and then hope for some lottery luck next year and get A. Svechnikov or Matty Samuelsson!
  15. I think you get the point. Kid is a good prospect. That is what we want in the draft. Yes he could flop-same is true of everyone. This isn't a reach. He was a top 10 prospect coming in and we got him at 9. Fills 2 major needs: C and front of net guy. Now if Holland gets off of his butt and moves up to get hague in the 2nd, we might have a great draft! Making it clear. I liked Rasmussen before the draft. I am surprised we took him.