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  1. Yes it is a dream. But it also possible if Holland would act. No you can't do it all in one day. But let's pretend for a few minutes. 1. You send Tatar, Nyquist, and Smith to the Jets. That opens up 3 spots on the roster for Trouba, MANtha, and Jurco when he returns. That also opens up about 10 million in cap space. Resign trouba-that should cost 4.5-5 million for the next 7-8 years. 2. Now you have cap space to make a move for another player. Ok our 2017 1st round pick to the Ducks for Fowler. The Ducks get what they want and we get what we need. Fowler has a 4 million cap hit and 1 more year to go. Both of those deals can be done any time. Going after Shattenkirk will take more time. We don't know how stuck on becoming a UFA he is. Maybe that is his ultimate goal. If so then getting him isn't worth it. Maybe getting a fair deal is all he is interested in. The Blues are cap tight and can't do much in terms of resigning him. We can if we try to. We have enough young and cheap pieces not named Larkin and MANtha to get the job done. If Shattenkirk is willing to resign that is.
  2. Agreed on playing in GR vs on the 4th line in Detroit. The fact that we as fans have to wonder about this says a ton about management/coaching in Detroit.
  3. There are 3 good Dmen that are rumored to be available: Trouba, Fowler, and Shattenkirk. Anyone of these 3 makes us a better team. getting 2 or 3 of these guys fixes our blueline for the next 6-8 years. Imagine if you will a top 4 of: DD-Shattenkirk Fowler-Trouba Those 4 will eat up 50 mins of game time per night. You are also looking at a group that will put up 140+ points and 30+ goals. The question becomes how? What does each guy cost, what does the other team want, and do we have the cap space to do it? So the rumors: The Jets want a LHed Dman of the same age for Trouba + another player/pick. The Ducks want 0 salary/cap coming back for Fowler. The Blues are unclear. On our side the 3 of them are going to cost around 15 million per year in salary/cap space. We don't have the room atm. We would have to move guys out.
  4. Since we have a thread on Trouba already, I thought this would fit. Were else can we get a 6-5/225 scoring winger? No where. Through 4 games MANtha has 6 goals. Scored in every game this season so far. Tied to the MANtha watch is the who goes watch. Someone has to leave or be put on IR for him to be called up. I would not be shocked atm if AA and MANtha switch teams.
  5. With larkin getting into a fight and winning, it does raise some questions. 1. Does Blashill now drop him down to the checking line? 2. Since Holland hates fighting does Larkin now get traded? Sad part is I wish I was just being funny. But track records........LOL. I mean after all we can't have that type of behavior for a team with so much class....right?
  6. Great to see him play well in his first game. We need him to do this early and often. At the minimum it gives us 2 very good G's and at the best it creates a valuable asset for trade. With teams like LA and the Yotes already losing their starting G's for a while the chance increases that he could be moved.
  7. None of the group of Ott, Sheahan, helm, Miller or Glendening are key to winning anything now or in the future. All are 3rd/4th line guys that can help a good team in specific areas. But we are not a good team. The part that troubles me even more is, if Mantha is brought up he will sit a few games before he sees the ice. he needs to be playing on one of the top 2 lines 15+ minutes a game. I know, preaching to the choir......
  8. BTW Mantha with the Hat trick tonight, gives him 5 goals in 3 games. Why isn't he in Detroit?
  9. As I stated earlier to fix the RW's is going to take some time. Like 2+ seasons. So if I was the GM how would I go about it? Ok...... 1. Offer Nyquist, tatar, Smith and a low 2017 pick to the Jets for Trouba and their 2018 2rd round pick. That opens up 3 spots on the roster for Trouba, Jurco and Kronwall. It also frees up the cap space to resign trouba. That gives us the following lineup: mantha-larkin-AA Z-Frans-Abby Jurco-Sheahan-Vanek Ott-Helm-Glendening Miller DD-Trouba Kronwall-Marchenko Oullett-Green E-Sproul Mrasek Howard 2. Over the course of this season move Ott, Vanek, and Green to PO contenders for 2017/2018 draft picks. Those are the type of players PO teams look to add. If/when those guys are moved out then room is created for Lil Bert and Svechnikov to join the big club in Detroit. 3. 2017 Draft. Do whatever we have to to get Cullen Foote in the 1st. Even if he ends up being our only draft pick next summer. Over the course of next summer leave no stone unturned in the attempt to move Z and Kronwall. By then it might also be possible to LTIR E with his bad hip.All of which frees up massive amounts of cap space. 4. The 2017/18 season is not going to be a season with a bunch of winning. 30-40 wins at best. That is fine. Because when the 2018 draft gets here the poor record and extra picks that we picked up in the Trouba deal plus anything we can get from moving Ott, Vanek, Green, Z, and Kronwall all get packaged together for A. Svechnikov. BTW if you live in Michigan go watch him play with the Muskegon Lumberjacks. For the 2017/18 season we also add Mckee to the lineup to protect all of the good young talented F's on the team. Now we have a roster that looks like this: Mantha-Larkin-AA Svechnikov-Frans-Abby Jurco-Sheahan-Svechnikov McKee-Helm-Glendening Lil Bert DD-Trouba Oullett-Marchenko Sproul-Foote Russo Mrasek Vet backup At this point we also have a ton of cap room so we can add vets as needed to upgrade over the guys that don't pan out. We have now reached the spot where starting in the 2018/19 season we are on the upswing again.
  10. There is no way Z is able to finish his contract with anyone. He has 5 more years left on it. But the chance to go win another SC? That can be enticing to most guys. That is what they play for. Or it should be.
  11. As of today here are the players that make up our core, or should be making up our core: Larkin, Mantha, AA, Svechnikov, DD, Mrasek. Those 6 should be held on to and played as much as possible in Detroit. The next group we need to find out about are: Sproul, Oullett, Jurco, Nosek, Lil Bert, and Nastsiak. That is only 12 players out of a 23 man roster. Everyone else and I do mean everyone can be moved in the right deal. Some are impossible to move, others can be moved next spring at the trade deadline to teams looking to make a playoff run. Vanek and Ott could both bring back some decent picks. Next summer it is possible to (don't panic here) move Kronwall and Z in the right deals to young teams on the upswing. Now I doubt that that ever happens, but it is possible. For example a team like Florida might want to bring in a veteran like Z to help them develop and grow into a SC contender.
  12. I beg to differ on the need to protect our 1st round pick. Just for the sake of the conversation, would I trade our 1st in 2017 for Trouba? Maybe. Trouba was the 9th pick in the 1st a few years ago. Lets compare him with another projected top 10 pick in next years draft: Cullen Foote. Both are RHed Dmen that are around 6-3/200 and considered good all around prospects. Which would you rather have? Who helps us more for the 2017/18 season? Foote will be 18 at that point and Trouba is 22. That is the difference and that is all. Yes it is possible that we get 4 more years out of Foote-being younger and all, but he has also never played a pro game and could be a bust-it does happen. The point in all of that was, in the right deal yes we can and should deal our 1st round pick.
  13. Why woluld we trade Dekeyser for trouba? DD is the better player. Yes he now costs more but Trouba hasn't signed his new deal yet. Both have played 3 seasons in the NHL and DD has more points, better career +/- numbers, etc... We need to keep DD and ADD Trouba so that they can be our top pair.
  14. Fix this team? This season? Not possible. One of the things many of us have talked about for several years is, what is the direction of this team? Are we rebuilding? Are we going for the cup? Is just maintaining the streak the sole focus? Now we have none of that. Holland himself has stated "we are not a cup contender". Ok fine. Most os us would agree with that statement. If that is true, then why did we sign veteran guys like Ott, Vanek, and neilson-players that cup contenders look to bring in each year? All those moves have done is force talented youth back to the minors, eat up our cap space, and keep us from making other moves. Now the past is the past and we can't do anything about that-good or bad. So what about the future? 1. Mantha needs to be brought up asap. Mantha, larkin, and AA should be on a line together playing 15+ mins per game every game. No "tinkering" by Blashill. Play them! They are our future and our present. If that means we need to cut/trade/waive player x y or z, then so be it. 2. Play the young D. ATM we have no idea if any of Oullett, Sproul, Russo, etc... can play at the NHL level. How do we find out? By playing them. 3. Mrasek may or may not become a star. He needs to play. But at the same time the only way we can ever hope to get anything for Howard is to play him. We need to go back to an every other game rotation for the G's. Hope Mrasek improves and that Howard creates value. 4. We all need to understand that this team has been trending down for several years and that will continue. Yes we will finish somewhere between 5th and 10th in the EC. Meaning we should end up with the 8th to 16th draft pick. We are still better than a few teams so we will not end up with the top pick. Accept this now, it will make the season easier to deal with.
  15. As of today with what we currently know this team looks worse than the 2015/16 team. None of the guys brought in are as good as Datsyuk was. The D is still a mess. There are more questions today than when the season ended. The good news is there is still time to make improvements.